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Global Japan
DEC 2, 2011

Crisis Management – Panel 1/2

Global Japan
DEC 2, 2011

Crisis Management – Panel 1/2

Panelist James T. Bartis, Andrew R. Morral, Satoru Nishikawa, Moderator Kotaro Tamura
Duration: 35:21

The Great East Japan Earthquake and its aftermath have proven once again the importance of crisis management. What should be done to prepare for future emergency situations? This session promises to be an engaging discussion among world-renowned experts with a wealth of experience in responding to terrorism and natural disasters.

G1 Global Conference 2011: Breakout Panel Session I-C – Crisis Management 1/2

< Panelists >
James T. Bartis
Senior Policy Researcher, RAND Corporation

Andrew R. Morral
Director, RAND Homeland Security and Defense Center, Senior Behavioral Scientist, RAND Corporation

Satoru Nishikawa
Director of Land and Real Property Market Division, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

< Moderator >
Kotaro Tamura
Invited Fellow, RAND Corporation, Ex-Senator and Former Parliamentary Secretary for Cabinet Office