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Toyota Connected’s Keys to the Future

Are apps the answer to everything, or do human-based services still carry value?

Tech & Innovation
MAR 27, 2019

Conversations with an AI Expert

Is AI more than machine learning?

Tech & Innovation
MAR 15, 2019

Drones, Drones Everywhere! Transformation in Business and Beyond

What are the main drivers of the drone sector? How will this rising market impact traditional industries such as agriculture, retail, security, and even mining? Will drones be advanced enough by the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games to carry athletes onto the field? Wrapping up this two-part series, GLOBIS Deputy Dean Jorge Calvo walks us through some of the specific applications of drones and how these advancements are impacting business innovation.

Drones, Drones Everywhere! The Rise of Drone Technology

Drones, like smartphones, almost seemed to appear from nowhere and take the world by storm. In truth, the technology goes further back than many people realize. For the first installment of this two-part series, GLOBIS Deputy Dean Jorge Calvo takes us back through some drone history and shares some shocking projections for the not-so-distant future.

Denying Big Data Hubris: 3 Reasons Machines Still Need Us

How can humans possibly compete with big data? Turns out…rather easily.

A Q&A with iRobot’s Colin Angle

In the final part of our seminar with iRobot co-founder and CEO Colin Angle, we open the floor for questions…