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Tech & Innovation
JAN 25, 2019

Innovation: A Matter of Mindset?

Is innovation rooted in technology, or can it be promoted by other means? In this interview led by GLOBIS faculty Cristian Vlad, Ryosuke Asakura of CaSy’s Corporate Design Division explains how his company is positioning itself for innovation that will impact society.

Tech & Innovation
JAN 22, 2019

iRobot: Home Robots Empowering People to Do More

Successful entrepreneurs are forged through passion, tough trials, and a strong sense of mission. iRobot co-founder and CEO Colin Angle…

Tech & Innovation
JAN 11, 2019

The Future of Work: Can We Gather Wisdom Faster Than We Gather Knowledge?

The first and second installment of The Future of Work examined how much meaning people give to their careers and how the technological transformation is expected to affect the workplace of tomorrow. This third installment will look at what skills and education will be necessary to excel in future careers.

Tech & Innovation
DEC 17, 2018

The Future of Work: Labor, Innovation, and Productivity

Technologies and business models are destroying some jobs and creating new ones. What will the world look like in 3…

Tech & Innovation
SEP 26, 2018

The Value of Technovate Thinking

Photo credit: iStock photo/Kittisak_Taramas Technology is advancing with unprecedented speed, making it more and more crucial to leverage technology and innovation,…

Tech & Innovation
SEP 21, 2018

Leading through the 6 Ds of Tech Disruption

GLOBIS Deputy Dean Jorge Calvo urges business leaders to look to the 6 Ds of tech disruption to navigate the uncharted era of Industry 4.0.