October 6, 2016

Welcome to GLOBIS Insights: A Digital Platform for Business, Japan, and Globalization

Based in Tokyo, GLOBIS Insights is a digital media platform serving
business leaders throughout Asia, delivering videos, articles, and
events related to management knowledge and a globalizing Japan.

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics approaching, the influence of Abenomics, and even the
growing popularity of anime, Japan's presence is continuing to be felt around the world,
especially in Asia. At the same time, with annual increases in tourism and hi-skilled
immigration, the environment within Japan is globalizing as well. GLOBIS Insights focuses
on these trends, offering perspectives on business and management in this context.

As GLOBIS’ owned media, our mission is to expand GLOBIS’ international presence. With
the No. 1 MBA and No. 1 Venture Capital in Japan, the GLOBIS Group offers our community
a unique value proposition: merging people, capital, and knowledge to foster a management
ecosystem that leads to creation and innovation throughout societies.

GLOBIS Insights mirrors the Japanese website GLOBIS Chikenroku, which translates as
"GLOBIS Knowledge Management Archive." As with the Japanese site, we are organized
into three functions: "Watch" for videos of seminars and conferences such as the G1 Global,
"Read" for articles and columns generally by faculty and alumni, and "Learn" for more
information about GLOBIS' programs and activities, including our upcoming seminars and
MBA Open Campuses. You can also hear from GLOBIS Founder and CEO Yoshito Hori.
Contents range from specific management knowledge specialties to the latest on studying,
living, and working in Japan and Asia. Contributions range from the GLOBIS faculty, alumni,
students, and staff to members of the greater GLOBIS community.

Email us if you have ideas or questions about an article or video.

We hope you will gain unique perspectives and enjoy your experience at GLOBIS Insights!

Truly yours,

Brian Cathcart