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Career Success
JUN 26, 2013

Gaining Competitive Advantages with Platform Strategy

Facebook, Amazon, Red Bull, Google, Cookpad, Nike and GLOBIS: All of these companies are great examples of successful implementers of the platform strategy. But how does the strategy work, and…

Career Success
AUG 22, 2016

Action 54. Scientific and Technological Innovation—Create a Virtuous Cycle with a National Strategy and Through Cooperation between Industry, Government, and Academia

…military projects. If Japan, an island country that lacks resources, is to remain one of the world’s top nations, the national government will need to have a solid strategy for…

Global Japan
NOV 19, 2013

E-commerce Trends in Singapore Are Transforming Customer Expectations and Company Strategy

…into consumer strategy The omni-channel experience of combining online platforms and traditional retail stores has been defined by comScore and UPS as an important driver for enhancing consumer experiences. 70%…

Career Success
JUN 29, 2016

Action 8. Position Free Trade (FTAs/TPP) as part of a Growth Strategy and Assert Leadership through the Creation of Rules

Strategy and Assert Leadership through the Creation of Rules The EU’s free-trade ratio (trade with FTA partners as a proportion of total trade) is 77.6% (includes trade within the EU)….

Career Success
JAN 26, 2018

One Pattern Doesn’t Fit All: Implementing Global HR Strategy at Murata

…development in the region 2. Selecting next-generation leaders and developing assessment practices 3. Developing career paths of next-generation leaders and devising a retention strategy The first was extremely important to us…

Tech & Innovation
OCT 13, 2016

Strategy 4.0: Toward the Fourth Industrial Revolution

…of these new applications – as they should be – and their business strategies should drive the development and implementation of emerging technologies, something we refer to as Strategy 4.0….

Career Success
JUL 4, 2016

Action 12. Implement an IP Strategy

…technology and content capabilities are essential prerequisites for international competitiveness, but alone are not enough. An IP strategy is crucial for advancing the globalization of its technology and content industries….

Career Success
OCT 20, 2016

Donald Trump: His Strategy and Implications for Businesses

Mark Kennedy explains the impact of what a US President Donald Trump would mean for business. Later, Dr. Mark Lee Ford joins for a dialogue…

Career Success
OCT 3, 2018

From Outbound to Inbound: Evolving with Japan’s Globalization Strategy

Many Japanese companies have evolved their globalization strategies to a more inbound model in recent years. How can businesses from other regions adapt and seize this trend as a…

Career Success
JUL 5, 2016

Action 13. Boost the Earning Power of the Entertainment/Culture Industries through the Cool Japan Initiative

Strategy It is important that the Cool Japan initiative be implemented as a national strategy through cooperation between the government and the private sector. A Cool Japan strategy in which…