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Career Success
JUN 29, 2017

Good leaders don’t need any extra motivation.

…team—oh, and I have five kids! My answer’s always the same: “I don’t need motivation. If you’re worrying about motivating yourself, it’s already too late.” The feeling of being motivated…

Career Success
JUN 6, 2014

The Ultimate Motivational Experience?—The Emperor’s garden party

…many of the others are simply ignored.What, then, is the best way to keep the motivation of public servants high? From what I observed in others and felt myself that…

Career Success
SEP 21, 2016

GIVING BACK: Bill Gates, Andrew Carnegie, and… Basketball

…overlap. Example: Our players’ salaries were by far the league’s lowest. As a result, existing players had low motivation levels, while promising players had zero incentive to join our team….

How Design Thinking Revived Adidas

…this new strategy was the employee engagement and motivation index (non-financial), while the employer ranking constituted the external KPI. For performance management, motivational-inspirational factors were supplemented by the “score,” a…

The Innovative Business Model of Oreno Restaurants

…sales to procuring ingredients. Great for saving money, but this model inevitably breeds poorly paid employees in high-pressure working environments that stifle creativity and motivation. Sakamoto re-invented the traditional F&B…

Career Success
AUG 1, 2018

The Path of Your Personal Mission (2)

…and develop. This may be true initially, but the situation should eventually lead to taking initiative and self-motivation.   Starting out with kokorozashi, we must first find our strengths and…

Career Success
APR 13, 2016

Declutter Your Mind, Simplify Your Life: This Is Mindfulness, Japanese-style

…that of the “unity of knowing and acting.” This doctrine posits that a person’s mind, motivations and actions should all be consistent.Wang argues that the mind naturally knows what is…

Career Success
OCT 9, 2007

Dalian Davos Meeting Report, Part 3: Discussions with Leaders from Newly Emerging Countries

…Japanese staff at the WEF and their efforts. Staff motivation makes a big difference in an international organization like this. After GGC members introduced themselves, Davos goers talked about how…

Career Success
JAN 9, 2014

Does Family Background Determine Our Career Choices?

…to success? In my case, family-based psychological factors certainly play a part. I can trace my entrepreneurial motivations directly back to my two grandfathers. Let me explain. One of my…

Career Success
APR 5, 2019

The Science of Leadership: Three Ways to Heat up Enthusiasm in Your Organization

…build awareness of themselves to generate their own sense of motivation. This is the ideal of many organizations: professionals who stand as individuals. The self-motivated and successful. Now you’re probably…