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Global Japan
NOV 10, 2017

Politics in the Middle East: New Peace and Stability?

What is the latest on the political situation in the Middle East? When ISIS lost Mosul, the terrorist organization seemed to be in retreat, at least regarding its hold on…

Global Japan
SEP 14, 2016

The Future of the Middle East

What are the core political, societal and economic forces that are shaping the future of the Middle East? What steps are needed create a region-wide framework for prosperity and peace?…

Global Japan
FEB 3, 2016

3 Keywords at Davos 2016: Inward-looking, Drifting Apart, and Excitement around Technology

are turning inward, focusing on themselves. The US is only looking at the US; Europe only at Europe; the Middle East only at the Middle East. And neither Europe nor…

Global Japan
MAY 21, 2019

The Millennial Identity: How East Asian Students at Top Universities See Themselves

…right: Ruoxin (China), Tsubasa (Japan), Hikaru (Japan) Do East Asians identify as Millennials? “Millenial” is largely a Western term, so the first question was whether Millenials in East Asia even…

Career Success
OCT 3, 2007

Dalian Davos Meeting Report Part 3: Discussions with Leaders from Emerging Countries

…one other time at the World Economic Forum on the Middle East held near the Dead Sea in Jordan. That made this my third meeting with Shafik. As soon as…

Global Japan
SEP 1, 2016

Action 63. Learn from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Become a Disaster-resistant Country!

…to protect the people of Japan from disasters. We should learn as much as possible from the tragic experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake in order to be prepared…

Career Success
MAR 2, 2011

Davos Forum 2011 (8): Additional Episodes

…and the Middle East. My itinerary is crammed with speeches and meetings. I’m on my way. See you later. ○ I saw two movies on the airplane to Paris, “The…

Global Japan
APR 25, 2017

Ian Bremmer: Top 10 Political Risks Global Leaders Must Know

…5. Technology Disrupting the Middle East Each year, governments in the Middle East lose more of their legitimacy. Technological change is further weakening an already fragmenting region. The risks are…

Global Japan
MAR 23, 2020

East Asia’s Digital Marketing Industry Is Opening the Way for Significant Business Opportunities

…order to establish themselves. East Asia is a clear example of this. In a detailed examination of world internet statistics, The Next Web revealed that Asia-Pacific accounts for 55% of annual growth…

Career Success
JAN 26, 2007

Round-the-World Business Trip 2007. No. 4: A Brief Profile of European Investors

…raise funds, I had to travel across the globe to North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East. Consequently, over the last 10 years, GLOBIS has established three funds…