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Global Japan
NOV 15, 2016

Cracking the Coconut: Stretch Your Behavior to Work Globally

culture in general.  On a basic level, national cultures can be categorized as either “coconuts” or “peaches”.  Coconut cultures are harder for outsiders to penetrate: there is that hard outer…

Career Success
AUG 10, 2016

Action 44. Make Agriculture a Growth Industry – Encourage New Entries and Promote Scaling Up and Streamlining!

Agriculture is protected by the hardest of the so-called “bedrock” regulations. In discussing issues regarding trade liberalization, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the structure of “manufacturing versus agriculture” is…

Career Success
APR 4, 2017

Eight Scales for Understanding Cultures

GLOBIS course entitled Cross Cultural Management. Most cross-cultural seminars and training programs focus on communication tips — how deeply one should bow when meeting people, or how direct one could…

Global Japan
MAY 12, 2017

How to Effectively Give Feedback in Cross-Cultural Situations in Japan

Some cultures such as the U.S. are somewhat self-promotional. Someone from the U.S. could say something a little grandiose, and someone from a culture that values modesty could respond, “Oh, gosh…

Career Success
AUG 23, 2016

Action 55. Take Japan’s Traditional Culture to a New Level and Broaden its Reach by Adapting it to the Modern Age

to the Modern Age Bunraku, traditional Japanese puppet theater, which is now considered part of Japan’s traditional culture, actually started life as a pop culture among the common people of…

Career Success
JUL 11, 2016

Action 18. Actively Practice Soft Power Diplomacy in Culture, Education and Tourism!

…other than governments. 1. [The Power of Culture] Showcase and Promote Japan’s Traditional Culture! Japanese cultural resources include many tangible and intangible ancient and traditional cultures, such as traditional arts…

Global Japan
JUN 1, 2017

3 Steps to Better Cross-Cultural Communication

to find my fellow Japanese stiff and formal, I end up feeling inferior… Either way, the result’s the same—neither feeling superior nor feeling inferior actually help with communicating across cultures….

Career Success
JUN 5, 2018

3 Ways to Handle the Cultural Stress of New Situations

forget this simple fact. We start ranking cultures, and often say, “This never happens in my country. This is really bad. My culture is better!” In fact, this statement may…

Global Japan
NOV 28, 2016

Globalization, Community, and Culture: The Fight for a Better Future

…the provinces in disseminating culture, and how to share Japanese traditional culture overseas. I was asked to provide the gaikoku view. Gaikoku literally translates as “outside country.” The word betrays…

Tech & Innovation
JUN 14, 2018

Using HR to Transform Corporate Culture for IoT: The Revolution at Hitachi

…can their entrenched corporate cultures handle the speed of change, or will they miss the boat? As Peter Drucker famously said, “Culture eats strategy for lunch.” Until new digital technologies…