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Career Success
AUG 25, 2016

Action 57. Liberalize Entry into Air Transport Industry and Maximize the Vitality of the Private Sector—Improve Airports in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area in Preparation for the Tokyo Olympics!

bidding process (companies with lower costs are advantageous).” In expanding the capacity of airports in the Tokyo metropolitan area, we should focus our attention on Ibaraki Airport. This airport was…

Career Success
JUL 6, 2004

Looking Around Campus Candidate Sites at Mt. Aizu in Bandai

the Aizu area. Bandai is at the foot of Mt. Bandai, which is celebrated in a popular Japanese folk song called, “Aizu Bandai Mountain.” I’m here with my wife and…

Career Success
JUN 14, 2013

Tour of seven Asian cities, Part I: scenes from Sendai, Fukuoka, and Jeju Island

…Wednesday, May 29 I’m meeting Governor Yoshihiro Murai of Miyagi Prefecture at GLOBIS Sendai at 7 p.m. I feel highly honored to welcome Governor Murai to GLOBIS, the first and…

Career Success
MAY 13, 2004

My First Shanghai Inspection Tour

lobby Travel (hired bus)   09:00-10:00 Visit Shanghai Stock Exchange   10:00-12:00 Visit real estate (apartments, golf course, exclusive residential district development)   12:00-13:30 Lunch at The7 No. 1110 Huaihai

Career Success
DEC 11, 2008

Mumbai Business Trip Diary, Part 1: The Mumbai Cityscape and Terrorism

a “forum.” (I will write about details of this forum in a subsequent entry.) I arrived at the airport just after 7 pm. This was my third trip to Mumbai,…

Career Success
NOV 2, 2018

Ikigai: A Book about Finding Your Purpose

…rather than the external rewardsーfinancial gain, social recognition, and such. This is the essence of ikigai.  The Five Pillars of Ikigai In recent years, the concept of ikigai has gained…

Career Success
MAY 16, 2011

10th email from Japan – Visit to Sendai and the area devastated by Tsunami

to 869 in the Heian Era to find a similar level of disaster. Some people claim that the tsunami in Fukushima was predictable, but I would question those claims. It…

Career Success
JUN 14, 2004

Three-Day Business Trip to Hong Kong and Shanghai

…I’ll have to continue writing this in Shanghai). After my third meeting, I got on the train for the airport to board my flight on China Eastern Airlines to Shanghai….

Career Success
MAR 23, 2017

Reading the Air: Invisible Rules That Stifle Japanese Companies

Kuuki ga Yomenai, or “K.Y.” is a term that became popular a few years ago in Japan. It means a person “cannot read the air.”  K.Y. is often used to deride people…

Career Success
AUG 22, 2014

Nobumasa Ishiai: “Back in the Black: How effective leaders turn failure into success”

not by maintaining the status quo, but by turning looming failure into resounding success. So what does it take to turn around a slumping company or business venture? While a…