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Saskia Rock

2014 MBA, GLOBIS University
Saskia Rock has been studying Japanese culture for more than 20 years and is passionate about cross cultural communication and diversity in the workplace. Prior to GLOBIS, she owned an entertainment and consulting company in Belgium that used arts like Wadaiko (drumming) to wow audiences with Japanese culture. Now working at a big-4 consulting company to improve intercultural communication and employer brand, she is getting ready for the next stage in her career.
Career Success
FEB 13, 2017

“Still Lovin’ It!” CEO Sarah Casanova working her passion at McDonald’s Japan

Some points to harness the passion that turned around McDonald’s Japan.

Career Success
DEC 3, 2014

Visiting Kenja Corp at Roppongi Academyhills

Saskia Rock reports on the pros and cons of working in a virtual company.

Global Japan
NOV 28, 2014

Japan and Belgium: challenges when exporting specialty products to Japan

Saskia Rock reports on the influence of traditional culture on quality expectations.

Global Japan
AUG 8, 2014

Japan and Belgium: Gourmet nations exporting their food and drink culture as a concept

Saskia Rock reports on finding inspiration in the Belgian Beer Café concept to promote contemporary Japanese cuisine abroad.

Career Success
JUL 28, 2014

Taking time off work and life to get an MBA degree, is it really worth it?

Saskia Rock reports on her MBA experience at GLOBIS University

Global Japan
JUL 2, 2014

Japan and Belgium: Spinning around ideas on finding inspiration in bicycling.

Saskia Rock reports on whirring wheels, toned legs and entrepreneurial spirit.

Global Japan
JUN 25, 2014

Japan and Belgium: The Empire of Manga meets the Kingdom of the Comic Strip

Saskia Rock brings an insider (otaku) report on the world of narrated illustrations.

Global Japan
JUN 18, 2014

Japan and Belgium: The importance of small nations

Saskia Rock examines the similarities between Japan and Belgium and their shared secrets to global success.