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Mihoko Suzuki

GLOBIS Graduate, Manager at TASKAJI
Mihoko used to work as a business manager secretary in a joint venture of Qatar Petroleum and ExxonMobil, for a multi-billion plant construction project in Qatar. In 2012, she joined the GLOBIS MBA Program (Part-time) and graduated in April 2015. Mihoko switched her career after her MBA studies, from a secretarial worker to a manager at a startup venture called TASKAJI.
Career Success
OCT 12, 2018

Realizing the Potential of an Untapped Market: The Case of TASKAJI

As more and more people in Japan join the workforce, demand for domestic help has become a booming industry. TASKAJI…

Career Success
NOV 14, 2016

My Personal Mission: Help Working Mothers Get More Done

GLOBIS graduate Mihoko Suzuki¬†works for TASKAJI, an online housekeeping service that matches people who are looking for housekeeping jobs with…