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Jason Millward

GLOBIS graduate; CEO at ESP Japan K.K.
Jason Millward came to Japan in 1995 as a corporate language instructor and currently runs the organization he started with, ESP Japan KK. Jason has over 20 years of corporate training experience along with 16 years of corporate management experience. Since coming to Japan, Jason has also been involved in entrepreneurial activities founding 3 other companies. Jason received his MBA from Globis Graduate School of Business in March 2018, graduating with academic honors. Jason is currently pursuing his personal mission to contribute to society by engaging in entrepreneurial ventures that help people achieve their goals and realize their dreams.
Tech & Innovation
JUN 14, 2018

Using HR to Transform Corporate Culture for IoT – The Revolution at Hitachi

IoT is becoming essential for many technology companies these days. As part of their capstone research project for their MBA,…