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Enrique Velez

Digital Communications and Marketing Director, JCE Japan Creative Enterprise

GLOBIS Graduate
Enrique is a project leader, communication coach, and corporate strategy adviser specializing in the acceleration of sustainable business growth. He is a senior partner at JCE Japan Creative Enterprise, an agency which helps corporate teams transform businesses and manage talent. As an integral member of organizational development, Enrique opens mindsets to cultural and gender diversity, as well as new technology for communication.

Enrique completed his MBA at GLOBIS University, and is also certified with the Canadian Securities Institute. He has a specialized honours economics and business degree from York University in Toronto, Canada.
Career Success
MAR 23, 2017

“Do what you love and do it often”: A Conversation with Enrique Velez

GLOBIS Alumni (2014-2016) Enrique Alejandro Velez passed away on March 20, 2017. We publish¬†this article in expression of our deepest…