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Dr. Jorge Calvo

Deputy Dean and Faculty, GLOBIS University
Jorge is an independent strategic advisor, professor, and author with over 30 years’ professional experience in Europe and Japan, focusing on business transformation and digitalization. At GLOBIS University, he serves as deputy dean and faculty of Strategy, Moonshot Transformation, Industry 4.0, Operations Strategy, Robotics & Business, and Business Research. He is also executive-in-residence and an associate professor of Strategy Business Transformation at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain, and serves as board director at the Japanese Operations Management & Strategy Academic Association. He holds a PhD in economics and business administration from Universitat Abat Oliba CEU.
Tech & Innovation
AUG 31, 2017

Exponential Thinking: Controversies and Predictions via Singularity University

Part 2 of Jorge Calvo’s Singularity University Global Summit: 21 Takeaways for the 21st Century

Tech & Innovation
AUG 29, 2017

Singularity University Global Summit: 21 Takeaways for the 21st Century (Part 1)

GLOBIS Deputy Dean Jorge Calvo presents some of his inspiration triggered at the Singularity University Global Summit, held in mid-August, “which could…

Tech & Innovation
JUN 23, 2017

Tim Cook: Apple (!) is developing self-driving cars.

Machine learning is upending traditional competitors and alliances.

Career Success
APR 20, 2017

Eight Lessons from “Mr. K”

Learning from a giant of the digital music industry.

What do Japanese Robots Dream About? 

Maybe you remember the movie Blade Runner, based on American writer Philip K. Dick’s science fiction novel Do Androids Dream of…

Does Industry 4.0 matter?

Aiming for strategy that drives technology, not the reverse.

IoT Technologies: to the future and beyond our imagination

Jorge Calvo gives a primer on IoT, AI, Big Data, and what it means for business.

Tech & Innovation
OCT 13, 2016

Strategy 4.0: Toward the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Machines and devices are getting smarter, are beginning to communicate with each other and, more importantly, are starting to interact…