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MBA Essentials
AUG 10, 2017

(Constructive) Criticism is a Favor

Critical Thinking is the basis of a good argument!

MBA Essentials
JUL 17, 2017

Does Your Dog Bite?

Assumptions and their sometimes painful consequences

MBA Essentials
JUN 15, 2017

How to Think Smart? Use the Pyramid!

Thinking and running have something in common. All of us can run, but if you want to be a race…

MBA Essentials
MAY 23, 2017

Seminar Review: “Leveraging Diversity”

With a seminar on Cross-cultural Intelligence coming up Friday, May 26 at GLOBIS, we are posting this review of a seminar given…

MBA Essentials
APR 11, 2017

Using AI to Help MBA Students Talk Like TED

The students implicitly trusted the AI’s feedback.

MBA Essentials
MAR 28, 2017

How can HR speak the language of business: HR Metrics and Analytics

Throughout last year’s U.S. presidential race and since his election in January, President Donald Trump has given speeches and statements which…