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JAN 22, 2018

From India to Japan: Entrepreneurship, Personal Mission and my MBA

By Anurag Kumar

(Photo: Anurag shows the kanji for happiness and his name in Japanese.)

We sat down with GLOBIS University full-time MBA student Anurag Kumar to see how he has been enjoying the first half of his MBA program. 

1.Why did you decide to get an MBA, and why GLOBIS? 

I am an entrepreneur, and in my heart, I can never imagine myself working without personal growth and satisfaction. Nothing else matters, not even how lucrative the salary is. (Later at GLOBIS I found out that they call this “Personal Mission.”) During my stint as a software entrepreneur, I could always feel that I was missing something. I wanted challenges and critical questions to be posed to me by my teammates, but that never happened. During a down phase in my business, I took a job at Max Life Insurance, where management training was provided by the company. This re-introduction to education, after 4 years of college, ignited a passion to update my skills and get a job where I can shine. The natural choice was an MBA, which had all the things I was looking for. The next question was the location. From the very beginning, I was clear that I wanted to work in an international environment for 5-7 years, in a country where visa requirements were welcoming. I found 3 such places: Canada, Singapore, and Japan. By this time, I had already met a representative from GLOBIS, with whom I was in touch with him through regular newsletters. I then received a scholarship, which made my decision to choose between Canada & Japan easier, and the rest is history.      

2. You’ve been a full-time MBA student for about half of a year now. What has happened that you didn’t expect?

I understand saying that “an MBA has given me a network” is very clichéd, but the ideas that I received just by being in the vicinity of people from various backgrounds have been invaluable. This support group has given me the confidence that I thought I had lost a long time ago. My past experiences made me skeptical of the power of networks, but I was surprised at how different opportunities presented themselves through chats with random people.

Another experience that I would say I didn’t expect was how the HR recruiters are really friendly in Japan, as compared to India. Maybe it is the supply and demand situation here, but I have had recruiters buying me lunch, which is completely unheard of in India.

3. What is your advice for people considering to get an MBA?

Although I am just a student, for people who are planning on getting an MBA, I would like to advise them that this year is going to be different. If you are working in a niche area of some technology or have experience in accounting, try to think of a situation where you can show your recruiter that you possess a unique and niche expertise which they are looking for.

For those of you who applied and are coming to GLOBIS, please take the online HBX course seriously. If possible try to take the GLOBIS pre-MBA classes in Finance & Accounting. You’ll thank me later.

Editor’s note: Anurag will be doing a column soon on Big Data and Technology. We look forward to it!