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Career Success
FEB 21, 2018

3 Job-Hunting Tips for MBA Grads to Land a Job in Japan

By Kenya Yoshino

For those wanting to start their professional career in Japan, I offer three pieces of advice:

Know thyself.

Have a very clear idea of what you are looking for in a job. What is your preference in terms of industry, function and business model? What kind of customers do you want to serve? What conditions can’t you compromise on? Is it salary, location, co-workers, welfare, or brand recognition? GLOBIS has a course called Leadership Development, Ethics and Values, designed to help you better understand your priorities. 

Be proactive.

GLOBIS can introduce you to global companies, hold mock interviews and give CV guidance. However, it is impossible to get a job without taking the initiative yourself. You will need to do research, contact recruiters and expand your network.

Develop resilience.

An MBA is not a magic bullet that automatically leads to an ideal job. You may need to apply to many companies during your job search. In the process you might face a lot of rejection but don’t be discouraged: it is often a good opportunity to reflect, learn, and move on. Some companies may require business-level Japanese, although even conversational level Japanese is effective in leaving a positive impression on your interviewers. 

Career Services is here to help you land your ideal job. Read more about what you can do! Looking forward to meeting you soon at GLOBIS!