Beyond the 2020 Olympics: Business Opportunities and the Future of Tokyo

A.T. Kearney Japan Chairman and Partner Tak Umezawa shares his participation in the NEXTOKYO Project and a vision for Tokyo after the 2020 Olympics. GLOBIS Faculty Cris Vlad then joins him for a dialogue session. 


Tak Umezawa has advised leading corporations in Japan and the US. Areas of expertise include strategy, innovation, marketing and organization. He served the firm’s global board until 2014.
He has supported the Japanese government on developing "Cool Japan" strategy. He also sits on the "Tax Commission" organized by Cabinet Office, and “Technology Advisory Committee” for the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
He appears as commentator on “World Business Satellite,” a business news program on TV Tokyo. He leads the "NEXTOKYO Project," a future-vision project for TOKYO by leading experts in urban planning, design, sports, art and business.
He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Tokyo, and a Master’s in Business Administration from MIT Sloan School of Management.

A seasoned veteran of business transformation, organizational development and innovation initiatives, both in terms of product and organizational innovation, Cristian Vlad is the President and CEO of JCE Japan Creative Enterprise, a young and dynamic agency which helps corporate teams transform their business and manage their talent. Cristian has been advising global clients on the role of diversity, human capital, creativity and corporate communications as strategic business drivers to foster innovation and stimulate business growth. He has been recognized by both multinational corporations and emerging enterprises as a thought leader in the areas of business strategy, relationship management, organizational development and architecture, leadership, social media, collaborative environments, people operations, transformation and business model innovation. In parallel, Cristian is an IBM Global Business Services consultant, advising corporate clients on Talent and Organizational Transformation projects.

Prior to his current role, Cristian was project manager at Toyota Motor Corporation, where he led a team of advanced product development professionals within the Corporate Value Creation Department. He also consulted on numerous organizational changes, corporate rebranding and transformation projects globally, in a wide rage of industries. Cristian holds an MA in International Relations from Hirosaki University and a dual BA in Communications and Foreign Language Education from the University of Bucharest.

Cristian currently resides in Fukuoka, Hong Kong and San Francisco.