How should we characterize our society? - 2/2

Masaharu Takenaka, professor of economics of Ryukoku University, discusses about how we should characterize our society and how we can change it based on his analysis and comparison of Japan and the U.S. society. This is Vol.1 of his lecture series.

Professor Masaharu Takenaka's lecture series Vol.1

Here is Part1

Topic: How Should We Characterize Our Society? And How Can We Change It? - 2/2 (Q&A Session)
Speaker: Masaharu Takenaka, Professor of Economics, Ryukoku University
Date: April 16, 2012
Venue: GLOBIS Tokyo Campus, Japan
Duration: 03:17


Masaharu Takenaka is a professor of economics of Ryukoku University. Since he graduated from Tokyo University (economics) in 1979, he has held positions in Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ including Chief Representative of the Washington DC Office (2003-07), Chief Manager and Senior Economist of Research Office (2000-03) and Chief Manager of Currency Option Group, Funds and Foreign Exchange Division (1994-2000). After having served as a chief economist of Institute for International Monetary Affairs (IIMA) during 2007-09, he has been at the current position since April 2009. He has been a member of Conference of Business Economists since 2004 in the U.S. He was a board member of National Economist Club (NEC) in Washington DC during January to December 2006. He writes for major Japanese business and economic magazines such as “Economist” by Mainichi News Paper, Nikkei Business Online by Nikkei BP, Weekly Diamond by Diamond Inc. and International Finance Journal by The Institute of Foreign Exchange & Trade Research.

Publications in Japan
“Currency Option Strategy” (Nikkei Shuppan 1990)
“Truth of the American Economy”(Toyo-Keizai Shinposha 2002, Joint work by Research Office of Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi)
“Basic Know-how to Succeed in Foreign Currency Investments” (Fusosha Publishing Inc. 2006)
“Truth of Foreign Exchange Market” (PHP Kenkyujo 2007, Collective writing by Takenaka, Sato and Nishimura)
“McDonald’s vs. Ramen Shop ~ looking beyond the surface of cultural gap between Japan and the U.S. from an economist’s view point ~” (Shincho-shinsho 2008)
“Theory of Asset Management for Individual Investors” (Koubunsha 2008)
“Movements of the Foreign Exchange Rates Over the Next Decade” (PHP Kenkyujo 2009, Collective writing with IIMA )
“Why Are We Swayed By the Markets?” (Nihon Keizai Shinbun Shuppansha 2010)
“World Outlook in 2011” Collective writing by World Analysis Group (PHP Kenkyujo 2011)
“Truth of the External Imbalance of the US Economy” (Koyo Shobo 2012)

Major Research Papers
“New Dimension of Financial Liberalization in Japan” National Association for Business Economics, Vol.42, Number 2, April 2007 (USA)
“Difference of the Risk Asset Ratios of Households between Japan and the U.S. from the View Point of Distribution Gaps of Financial Assets” International Economic and Financial Review 2008 April, Institute for International Monetary Affairs
“Global Imbalance and the Future of the Dollar” Business & Economic Review, Feb.2010, The Japan Research Institute, Ltd.

Academic Society
Member of The Japan Society of Monetary Economics、The Japan Society of International Economics、Conference of Business Economists (USA)

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