Surprise? Yoshito Hori's Performance on LinkedIn and Social Media

One of my roles at GLOBIS is conducting the social media (English side) for GLOBIS Corporation. 

I was looking into GLOBIS President Yoshito Hori's articles on Linkedin articles to see how he was doing on that medium. I looked at the last few postings and number of followers and compared them to some LinkedIn "Superstars" both in Japan and globally. Here are some (surprising!) conclusions (see another article here for the background):

1. In 2013, four or five Japanese "Influencers" were asked to compose articles for what was then "Linkedin Pulse." Four years later, two of them have given up. Of the survivors, Yoshito Hori is outperforming Hiroshi Mikitani, even though Mikitani has over 11 times more followers.

2. Crunching the numbers a little further, in Japan, Yoshito Hori is No. 1 for three metrics: (a) Average readers per article (b) Record number of readers per article and (c) Readers-as-a-percentage-of-followers.

3. Internationally, Yoshito Hori outperforms Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg for average reader numbers, and is top for the ratio of readers to followers who read his articles.

(Figures are for the 10 most recent articles posted, as of Oct. 22, 2017). 


Brian Cathcart does corporate communications and PR for GLOBIS Corporation, serving as Editor-in-Chief for GLOBIS Insights and Program Coordinator for the G1 Global Conference. As part of the GLOBIS Faculty, he teaches courses in Critical Thinking and English Management Training. Mr. Cathcart joined GLOBIS after a career in international affairs to assist with growing its English MBA Program. He assisted with student services, including events, seminars and alumni relations, as well as conducting faculty training and curriculum design.

Prior to GLOBIS, Mr. Cathcart was a Research Associate for the Japan Center for International Exchange, an independent think tank promoting Japan’s engagement in foreign affairs. He combined business principles with his training in Human Security while evaluating projects which empowered survivors of the 2004 Asian tsunami (with the Asia Foundation in Sri Lanka). Mr. Cathcart is trained and certified as a mediator in Massachusetts.

Mr. Cathcart is a recipient of the Fulbright and Japanese Ministry of Education (Monkasho) research scholarships at Kyushu University and the University of Tokyo. He earned his MBA from GLOBIS University, his MA in Law & Diplomacy from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, and a BA summa cum laude from Tufts University. Originally from Portland, Oregon, he now lives with his wife and daughter in Tokyo.