"Japan's eternal optimist": Why should we be optimistic now?

Jesper Koll, renowned economist and "Japan's eternal optimist," shares why we should be optimistic about Japan's future now. Mr. Koll will play an active role in this year's G1 Global Conference and is a member of the G1 Global Advisory Board.

This video is the first in a series connecting the G1 Summit in March to the G1 Global in September. We asked global leaders their opinions about the challenges and opportunities facing Japan, and for their advice as to how young leaders should pursue a global career.

Registration for the 7th G1 Global Conference is now open. At this invitation-based event, global leaders gather to discuss imminent issues facing the world and Japan in the fields of international affairs, business/economics and technology. On Monday, Sept 18th, join us to discuss "Creative Evolution in a Volatile World" with panel topics such as the recent elections in Europe, the future of FTAs and trade, and design thinking and IoT. See you there! 

(For invitation information, please email g1global@globis.co.jp.)