HR Tech and Personality Assessment: "Now You are One in a Million"

Julie Straw, Vice President of Assessment Solutions at Wiley, visits GLOBIS to explain how new technologies are changing personality assessments and the HR industry.

GLOBIS Corporate Training partners with HRD Group, Wiley’s partner in Japan, to offer Everything DiSC® as well as other assessment tools to its clients.


Did you ever have a tough time understanding your colleagues? Or, perhaps you wanted your team to work better together? One answer may be to conduct personality assessments, which can help people understand themselves and each other’s personalities better, and improve teamwork. While this practice is rather common in the U.S., it is relatively new in Japan.

Now, AI and Big Data are changing the way these assessments are conducted. Wiley uses computer adaptive testing, in which the questions change as the computer analyzes the individual’s responses, resulting in a more precise & personalized measurement. In the past, there were only 15 types, but now the possibilities are “endless.”