[Technology] New Frontiers in AI, VR/AR, and Robotics

G1 Global 2016 Breakout Session 2: [Technology] “New Frontiers in AI, VR/AR, and Robotics” (https://g1summit.com/g1global/)

Google’s AlphaGo beating expert Lee Sedol at the game of Go signified the new reality of AI, something once deemed “unthinkable.” Machine learning opens up new innovations, taking advantage of big data. Deep learning leads to discoveries, developing Virtual Reality (VR) into the augmented reality (AR) found in the global spread of Pokemon GO. Meanwhile, robotics may lead the next IT revolution, with Japan in the lead, and biomedical and healthcare technologies open up new worlds of how we take care of ourselves as humans. What does this all mean for business? This session covered the upcoming “unthinkable” opportunities in technology.