G1 Global Conference 2016 Photo Essay

The 6th G1 Global Conference was held on Friday, October 21, 2016 at the GLOBIS Tokyo campus. More than 150 global business leaders, politicians, scholars, media members and MBA students joined and discussed the theme, "Leadership: Thinking the Unthinkable."

Brexit and the popularity of Donald Trump have acknowledged the “unthinkable” that many political and corporate leaders would not even accept. Now, the only certainty for leaderships is that old norms are being replaced by a host of unthinkables.

How can we learn to "Think the Unthinkable?" I think this is a question every leader in this age must confront seriously. That is why I chose it as this year’s G1 Global Conference's main theme.

These discussions were all refreshing, open and worthwhile for the future. I am sharing you photos of the G1 Global from the tweets I posted. Please take a look. I hope you can feel the enthusiasm!

19:00 sharp on Friday, October 21
The G1 Global Conference 2016 begins! This year's theme is "Leadership: Thinking the Unthinkable." We will publish all the sessions on GLOBIS Insights. I gave the opening speech about my latest work "100 Actions."

[Keynote Speech] Nik Gowing, International Broadcaster, Visiting Professor, King's College London

[Plenary Session 1] Leadership: Thinking the Unthinkable
From left to right:
Nik Gowing, International Broadcaster, Visiting Professor, King's College London
Richard Edelman, President & CEO, Edelman
Taro Kono, Member of the House of Representatives, Former Chairperson of the Japanese National Public Safety Commission
Tomohiko Taniguchi, Special Advisor to the Cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

[Breakout Session]
[Business] Unthinkable Politics, Disruptive Innovation, Incredible Opportunities

From left to right:
Mio Takaoka, Executive Director, Monex Group, Inc.
Hiromichi Mizuno, Executive Managing Director, CIO, Government Pension Investment Fund
Scott Halliday, Area Managing Partner, Ernst & Young
Jesper Koll, CEO, Wisdom Tree Japan KK

[Breakout Session]
[Technology] New Frontiers in AI, VR/AR, and Robotics

From left to right:
William Saito, Special Advisor - Cabinet Office, Government of Japan
Hiroaki Kitano, President & CEO, Sony Computer Science Laboratories
Meri Rosich, CMO, Marketing Business Intelligence, Oak Lawn Marketing, Inc
Shinichi (Shin) Takamiya, Partner, Chief Strategy Officer, GLOBIS Capital Partners
Tak Umezawa, Japan Chairman and Partner, A.T. Kearney

[Breakout Session]
[Diplomacy] Globalization in Retreat? Opportunities for Japan?

From left to right:
Ken Jimbo, Associate Professor, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University
Vannarith Chheang, Consultant, Nippon Foundation
Abigail Friedman, CEO, The Wisteria Group
Glen S. Fukushima, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress
Timothy Langley, President & Representative Director, Langley Esquire

[Plenary Session 2] Thinking the Unthinkable -100 Actions Special Session
From left to right:
Nik Gowing, International Broadcaster, Visiting Professor, King's College London
Abigail Friedman, CEO, The Wisteria Group
Jesper Koll, CEO, Wisdom Tree Japan KK
William Saito, Special Advisor - Cabinet Office, Government of Japan

[Closing] Board members are on stage with Japanese traditional "happi” coat work wear.

G1 Global 2016 Sushi, Sake and Shamisen Night!
Breaking open a ceremonial sake barrel Kagamiwari!!

Kanpai! Cheers! Toast!

Shamisen performance by Mayu Sugai

Farewell greeting by William Saito: Thanks all so much!! See you next year!!

The name "G1" stands for "Group of One, Globe is One." Our G1 network has grown more and more. Please join us and strive to make the world a better place.

October 24, 2016
At my home, Ichibancho, Tokyo
Yoshito Hori

Mr. Yoshito Hori established GLOBIS Management School in 1992 and GLOBIS Capital Partners in 1996. In 2003, GLOBIS started its original MBA program which, in 2006, received accreditation from the Japanese Ministry of Education and gained “university” status. GLOBIS started a part-time MBA program in English in 2009 and a full-time MBA program in English in 2012.

A Harvard MBA graduate and former Sumitomo Corporation employee, Mr. Hori founded the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Japan Chapter in 1995 and became the first board member from Asia in charge of Asia Pacific region in 1996. He also served on the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s New Asian Leaders Executive Committee and Global Agenda Council on New Models of Leadership, as well as the Harvard Business School Alumni Board from 2005 to 2008. Currently, Mr. Hori is a board member of the Keizai Doyukai (Japan Association of Corporate Executives), and serves as co-chair of WEF’s Global Growth Companies.

In 2008, he launched the G1 Summit – a Japanese version of the WEF’s annual Davos forum. This led to the foundation of G1 Summit Institute in 2013, which Mr. Hori serves as Representative Director.

Just days after a huge earthquake struck northeast Japan in March 2011, Mr. Hori launched Project KIBOW to support the rebuilding of the disaster-affected areas. The following year Project KIBOW was incorporated as the KIBOW Foundation, which Mr. Hori serves as Representative Director.

An avid enthusiast of the Japanese game Go since age 40, Mr. Hori has been Director of the Nihon Ki-in (Japan Go Association) since June 2013.

Since October 2013, Mr. Hori has hosted a weekly TV program in Japan called Nippon Mirai Kaigi (Japan Future Conference). He has authored several books including Visionary Leaders who Create and Innovate Societies, Six Dimensions of Life, and My Personal Mission Statement.

Mr. Hori received his BS in Engineering from Kyoto University and his MBA from Harvard Business School.

He is an avid swimmer and enjoys spending time with his family, especially his five sons.

Follow him on
LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.