Engaging the Public to Win in the Global Marketplace

How to successfully engage the public, or to be more specific, public sentiment and governmental control over business, is a crucial leadership issue especially for a globalized corporation. GLOBIS presented two great experts to tackle this issue.

GLOBIS Professional Seminar
“Engaging the Public to Win in the Global Marketplace”

Mark Kennedy, Director, Graduate School of Political Management, George Washington University
Shin Tanaka, President/CEO, FleishmanHillard Japan

How to successfully engage the public, or to be more specific, public sentiment and governmental control over business, is a crucial leadership issue especially for a globalized corporation.

GLOBIS presented two great experts to tackle this issue: The Honorable Mark Kennedy, Director of the Graduate School of Political Management at the George Washington University and a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives; and Mr. Shin Tanaka, the President of the FleishmanHillard Japan and a GLOBIS faculty member who teaches strategic communication for executives.

Today, the public and governments are increasingly less tolerant toward mistakes and wrongdoings by corporations. One misstep can trigger a sudden outburst of public sentiment against that company, quickly ruining its reputation and operations. When this occurs, it is up to the leaders of a company to successfully engage the public and avoid further losses.

Ultimately, public sentiment and governmental control over business can be such strong forces that practically determine what a company can or cannot do in a particular area or country. They even have power and discretion to shut down operation of a company (or at least part of it).

Take, for example, the recall incident involving Toyota in 2009-2010, where the Japanese automaker came under fire from the U.S. government and through a number of lawsuits, which were fueled by intense accusations against Toyota among the U.S. public, despite that no electronic defects were found. In emerging economies, a similar incident can be even more likely, since their governments often have more power over business.

Public sentiment can be easily affected by things ranging from the stock market to geopolitics, or even weather, which can change very rapidly, randomly and violently. What can a business leader do to thrive in this constant state of risk?

Learn about how to deal with these issues from the perspectives from the dynamism of Public Affairs in Washington DC, as well as from the professional expertise of "the most complete communications agency in the world."

Date: Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Time: 19:00 - 21:00
Venue: GLOBIS Tokyo Campus
Language: English

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Guest Speaker

The Honorable Mark Kennedy leads George Washington University's Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM), the world's first and foremost school of applied politics and strategic communications. Previously, Mr. Kennedy led as a Senior Vice President and Treasurer of a Fortune 100 company (Macy’s) and helped Pillsbury acquire Häagen Dazs and spread it around the globe. He also served three terms in the U.S. Congress (2001–7). He then returned to the private sector in a global role with Accenture (a leading consulting firm) and continued his public service as a presidential appointee to the Advisory Committee on Trade Policy (under both President Bush and President Obama).

Mark has a record of effective collaboration. While a Republican Congressman, he partnered with twenty Democrats to introduce and lead several pieces of legislation; more than half of the Democrats in the U.S. House co-sponsored one of his bills.

Kennedy regularly provides insights to media outlets worldwide including BBC, Bloomberg TV, CNN, CSPAN, France2, NBC - Face the Nation, Sky News – Arabia, NPR, SRF - Swiss Radio, Voice of Russia, Bloomberg / Business Week, Chicago Tribune, Foreign Policy, LA Times, Politico, U.S. News & World Report, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and the Huffington Post.

A graduate of St. John's University, Mr. Kennedy received a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) with distinction from The University of Michigan.


Shin Tanaka joined Fleishman-Hillard in August 1997 as managing director of Fleishman-Hillard Tokyo.

Beyond management of the company itself, Mr. Tanaka is directly involved and plays a great role in Public Affairs, Crisis Management, Issue Branding, and Reputation Management projects.

Before joining Fleishman-Hillard, Mr. Tanaka worked with Sega Enterprises as general manager of the overseas sales/operations division, where he was responsible for the sales and development of amusement facilities for Sega Enterprises in Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East.

Before joining Sega, Mr. Tanaka was a 16-year veteran of Honda Motor Company. He was responsible for the company’s corporate communications globally.

Mr. Tanaka is a graduate of the Department of Economics at Keio University in Japan.