Entrepreneurship in Japan: Where does Growth Come from?

By Robert Eberhart, Fujiyo Ishiguro, Shinichi Takamiya, Vachara Phanchet and Georges Desvaux.

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G1 Global Conference 2014
Breakout Session II <B >
Entrepreneurship in Japan: Where does Growth Come from?

< Date > September 15, 2013
< Venue > GLOBIS University, Tokyo Campus
< Duration > 1:16:10

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Entrepreneurship and innovation have long been considered to be a crucial component of economic growth. The “third arrow” of Abenomics includes policies intended to restore Japan’s venture spirit, although its true effects may only become visible in the longer term. What are the driving forces behind entrepreneurship, and what strategies should be pursued to create an environment that can maximize prospects for dynamic growth? Panelists with experience and in-depth knowledge of business innovations and startups in Japan and Asia will discuss these topics.

Robert Eberhart
Assistant Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship
Santa Clara University

Fujiyo Ishiguro
President and CEO, Netyear Group Corporation

Shinichi Takamiya
Partner, Chief Strategy Officer
GLOBIS Capital Partners

Special Contributor
Vachara Phanchet
Chairman Emeritus, Pacific Basin Economic Council

Georges Desvaux
Managing Partner, McKinsey Japan


Robert N. Eberhart is an Assistant Professor of Management at Santa Clara University and a research scholar at Stanford where he directs the Project on Japanese Entrepreneurship. He is also a visiting professor at Kobe University. His research interests focuses on theories of institutional change and role of institutions on new venture performance. He also studies comparative corporate governance of growth companies. Professor Eberhart's academic publications include topics such as new theoretical constructs on how institutional change has complex effects on new firms and entrepreneurs. Professor Eberhart won awards for the BPS Outstanding Dissertation Award from the Academy of Management, Best Paper Proceeding of the 2012 Academy of Management, and from the Fondation France-Japon de l'EHESS. From 1999 to 2007, Dr. Eberhart founded and led a successful Japanese start-up, WineInStyle. Professor Eberhart earned his Ph.D. in Management Science from Stanford University.

After working at Brother Industries, Ltd. and Swarovski Japan, Ms. Ishiguro founded a high-tech specialty consulting firm in Silicon Valley and advised clients such as Yahoo!, Netscape, Panasonic, and Sony on US-Japan alliances and technology transfers. As CEO of Netyear Group, she devises comprehensive digital marketing solutions for corporate clients that resolve fundamental business issues. The company was listed on the Mothers section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2008.

Ms. Ishiguro appears often in the media and lectures and writes about business and marketing strategies. Her regular columns include “Smart Times” on Nikkei BUSINESS DAILY; “Capture Business Innovation Tips!” on ITmedia Executive; and “Fujiyo Ishiguro’s Reform Proposal!” on Diamond Online. She has been an advisory board member at ad:tech Tokyo since 2009.

Ms. Ishiguro graduated the School of Economics at Nagoya University and received an MBA from Stanford University. She has been a member of METI several committees. In October 2008, she won the “Entrepreneur of the Year Japan, 2008” in the growth category. For “Woman of the Year, 2009” she was 1st in the Leader category.

Publication:“Don’t conduct a job as your boss suggested” (Asahi Shinsho 2008)

Shin is Chief Strategy Officer, and leads consumer internet investments at Globis Capital Partners. His track record includes iStyle (ticker 3660), Shimauma Print System (M&A), and Aufcan (ticker 3674) etc. Prior to joining GLOBIS, Shin lead management consulting projects at Arthur D. Little where he developed corporate strategy, new business strategy and innovation strategy for leading IT service providers and healthcare companies. Shin received BA in Economics from University of Tokyo (graduation thesis with Honor's Award) and MBA from Harvard Business School (Second Year Honor).

Special Contributor

Dr.Vachara is the first Thai to be elected as Chairman of Pacific Basin Economic Cousin (PBEC), he is now Chairman Emeritus.
Dr. Vachara is Chairman of Sittipol Sales Group of Companies. A leading Thai industrial and most diversified global trading and investment group and involved in an automotive partnership with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, computer and systems integration, real estate, luxury products, etc.

He has just served as Thailand Trade Representative from (2009 – 2011) a minister-level post in overseeing trade and investment for the Prime Minister. He has been a member of the National Legislative Assembly and also served as its Secretary for the Foreign Affairs Committee from 2006 to 2007 other governmental capacities include: Vice Minister for Industry, Vice Minister for Public Health, Vice Minister for the Office of The Prime Minister during 2003-2006 tenure.

His past roles also include: Member of the Board, Board of Investment (BOI), Chairman of the Young President Organization of Thailand (YPO) and Chairman of the highly-acclaimed APEC CEO Summit 2003 in Bangkok.


Mr. Georges Desvaux is the managing partner of McKinsey’s Japan office, having served previously in Beijing and Paris. Mr. Desvaux is also a leader of McKinsey's Marketing Practice and the Consumer & Shopper Insights Center (csi.mckinsey.com). He advises top management in insurance, banking, and consumer-oriented companies on global growth strategy, marketing capabilities, and organizational design. He has supported IPOs and M&A in high-tech, telecom, and financial institutions. He has authored numerous research articles on consumer and macroeconomic trends and is leading McKinsey’s research on the role of women in corporations.