Part1: Shu Ueyama - Personal Branding in Business and in Life

Shu Ueyama, President, Ueyama & Associates, talked about Personal Branding in Business and in Life at GLOBIS University.

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GLOBIS Professional Seminar:
Personal Branding in Business and in Life
Shu Ueyama, President, Ueyama & Associates

Date: Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Time: 19:00 - 21:00
Venue: GLOBIS Tokyo Campus
Language: English

Event description:
What do Sir Richard Branson, Lady Margaret Thatcher, and former Sony President Akio Morita have in common? They all developed strong business and personal relationships with Shu Ueyama. How was he able to cultivate such relationships with his own “personal brand”? What can we learn from him in order to attract people like this to ourselves?

GLOBIS is privileged to welcome back one of our most popular seminar speakers, Shu Ueyama, to talk about his key success factors in building his Personal Brand. In this Professional Seminar, Mr. Ueyama, author of more than 44 books and host of a successful Japanese television show, will speak about his experiences interacting with over 50 global leaders. He will refer to the inner qualities each one of us can develop to market ourselves more effectively, influence others, and enhance our personal network in order to create a more successful career and fruitful life.

Mr. Ueyama joins in a dialogue with Dr. Adam Kassab, a lecturer in Organizational Leadership and Human Resources and an expert on effective story-telling. Together they will discuss the inner qualities business professionals can bring out in order to create a genuine yet convincing personal image, essential for being successful in today’s turbulent marketplace.


Born in Shizuoka-Prefecture in Japan in 1945, Shu Ueyama joined Sony in 1969. As the Marketing Manager at Sony UK and later as Deputy General Manager of Advertising Division at Sony HQ, he led the successful launch of the Sony Walkman. He then left Sony in 1981 to establish Ueyama & Associates, Inc. where he has done international business consulting, writing, translation, lectures, production of TV commercials, and hosting of TV programs. He has represented the ex-Prime Minister of Great Britain, Margaret Thatcher, and Virgin Group.

Mr. Ueyama published 44 books including “How to do business with foreigners” and “Losing My Virginity”. His stimulating and entertaining lectures have been popular all over Japan, with popular themes such as “How to become a global business-person,” ”Leadership,” and “Work-Life Balance.”

Mr. Ueyama is an avid golfer with an official handicap of 12. He was appointed as the Exclusive Distributor of ZAGG Inc of U.S.A. in May, 2010. He completed the Executive Program at Stanford Business School in 1987 and graduated from Hitotsubashi University with a degree in commerce.

Dialogue Partner

Dr. Kassab has extensive business experience across Asia as well as in Europe and the USA. He has held senior positions at Sanyo Electric, a global Japanese electronics manufacturer, Mercer, a US based global HR Consulting firm, and most recently at Culture Convenience Club, the dominant Japanese player in the consumer entertainment and lifestyle sector. His work has ranged from facilitating European wide strategic planning sessions aimed at exploring synergies and enhancing competitiveness, developing ways to internationalize and globalize business operations, and implementing change programs for overseas subsidiaries.

As well as his strong professional background he also recently completed doctoral research looking into the use of Stories and Storytelling in Organizations as a tool for inspiring employees and bringing about visionary change.

Bachelors degree, History & Philosophy of Science and Philosophy, University of Leeds (UK); Masters Degree, International Resources and Development Studies, University of Leeds (UK); Masters Degree, Organization Change, Ashridge Management Center (UK); Doctoral Research, Hitotsubashi University (JPN)