Inside Japan 20: Satoshi Kuroda

Dr. Adam Kassab, Professor of GLOBIS University in Tokyo, invites a variety of guests from around the world to discuss people, culture and business from an “Inside Japan” perspective. The twentieth guest is Mr. Satoshi Kuroda, General Manager Japan, Korea, Taiwan/General manager Super Abrasives Asia, Abrasives Division, SAINT-GOBAIN K.K.

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Inside Japan No.20 – Satoshi Kuroda

Guest: Mr. Satoshi Kuroda, General manager, Abrasives Division, SAINT-GOBAIN K.K.
Host: Adam Kassab, GLOBIS
Date: December 12, 2013
Venue: GLOBIS University, Tokyo campus
Duration: 22:46

Guest speaker

French and Japanese citizen

MBA, IMD, Switzerland
MSc in Plasma Physics, University of Orsay, France
BSc in Plasma Physics, EPFL, Switzerland

With “a French software in a Japanese hardware”, Satoshi has a natural inclination for multi-cultural assignments. His career, in service as well as in manufacturing industries, brought him to various regions - from Europe, West Africa, then South-East Asia and now to Japan. Through these assignments, Satoshi acquired a sensibility in working with people of different backgrounds and cultures.

He likes changes and defines himself as a corporate entrepreneur. “When implementing change, it is key to understand what motivates and drives people”. Mastering the soft skills required to do so is what he says makes business interesting.

While working with Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS), a Swiss based- company, Satoshi managed various projects and teams in Kenya, Tanzania, Japan and The Philippines. He is now based in Japan, responsible for the Abrasives Division of Saint Gobain for Developed Asia.

He discusses today about his experience in general, as well as the challenges and rewards of managing a French business in Japan.

Dialogue Partner

Dr. Kassab has extensive business experience across Asia as well as in Europe and the USA. He has held senior positions at Sanyo Electric, a global Japanese electronics manufacturer, Mercer, a US based global HR Consulting firm, and most recently at Culture Convenience Club, the dominant Japanese player in the consumer entertainment and lifestyle sector. His work has ranged from facilitating European wide strategic planning sessions aimed at exploring synergies and enhancing competitiveness, developing ways to internationalize and globalize business operations, and implementing change programs for overseas subsidiaries.

As well as his strong professional background he also recently completed doctoral research looking into the use of Stories and Storytelling in Organizations as a tool for inspiring employees and bringing about visionary change.

Bachelors degree, History & Philosophy of Science and Philosophy, University of Leeds (UK); Masters Degree, International Resources and Development Studies, University of Leeds (UK); Masters Degree, Organization Change, Ashridge Management Center (UK); Doctoral Research, Hitotsubashi University (JPN)