G1 Global 2013: Global Entrepreneurship

By Fujiyo Ishiguro, Ryo Kubota, Jiren Liu, Dongsik Yoo, Allen Miner.

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G1 Global Conference 2013
Breakout Panel Session I < A >
Global Entrepreneurship

< Date > September 16, 2013
< Venue > GLOBIS University, Tokyo Campus
< Duration > 1:17:38

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An import ant part of Abenomics' " third arrow" include s policies intended to spur growth through entrepreneurship and innovation. What are the driving forces behind entrepreneurship, and how can we maximize prospects for innovations in business? What policies should governments pursue to create an environment conductive to innovative ventures? Panelists from China, the US, South Korea, and Japan will look at these topics that are crucial to global economic growth, and discuss keys for a successful combination of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Fujiyo Ishiguro
President and CEO, Netyear Group Corporation

Ryo Kubota
Chairman, Prsident and CEO, Acucela Inc.

Jiren Liu
Chairman and CEO, Neusoft Corporation

Dongsik Yoo
CEO, Zionex, Inc.

Allen Miner
Chairman and CEO, SunBridge Group


After working at Brother Industries, Ltd. and Swarovski Japan, Ms. Ishiguro founded a high-tech specialty consulting firm in Silicon Valley and advised clients such as Yahoo!, Netscape, Panasonic, and Sony on US-Japan alliances and technology transfers. As CEO of Netyear Group, she devises comprehensive digital marketing solutions for corporate clients that resolve fundamental business issues. The company was listed on the Mothers section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2008.

Ms. Ishiguro appears often in the media and lectures and writes about business and marketing strategies. Her regular columns include “Smart Times” on Nikkei BUSINESS DAILY; “Capture Business Innovation Tips!” on ITmedia Executive; and “Fujiyo Ishiguro’s Reform Proposal!” on Diamond Online. She has been an advisory board member at ad:tech Tokyo since 2009.

Ms. Ishiguro graduated the School of Economics at Nagoya University and received an MBA from Stanford University. She has been a member of METI several committees. In October 2008, she won the “Entrepreneur of the Year Japan, 2008” in the growth category. For “Woman of the Year, 2009” she was 1st in the Leader category.

Publication:“Don’t conduct a job as your boss suggested” (Asahi Shinsho 2008)

Dr. Kubota founded Acucela in 2002. He spent his early career performing ocular research at Keio University, where he earned his MD and PhD. In the course of his work there, he discovered a glaucoma gene, myocilin, earning him the Suda Award. Dr. Kubota practiced ophthalmology in Japan and was assistant professor, University of Washington.

Dr. Kubota is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, the Japanese Ophthalmological Society, Keio Medical Society, and is on Japan-America Society, State of Washington Board. He was named one of Seattle Business Magazine’s Top 25 Innovators & Entrepreneurs; and one of the most inspiring people in the life sciences industry by PharmaVOICE and was selected as one of the Nikkei Business 100, Nikkei Business Magazine’s inaugural list of the most influential people to Japan’s future. He was selected as an Emerging Pharmaceutical Industry Leader by Pharmaceutical Executive. He was profiled in AERA Magazine and was named Emerging Leader - Japan, a US/Japan Innovation Award, Japan Society of Northern California and Stanford University’s US-Asia Technology Management Center.

Dr. Liu Jiren is the founder and now Chairman & CEO of Neusoft Corporation, also Vice- President and Professor of Northeastern University (NEU) China. He also holds the positions of Vice-Chairman at China Software Industry Association (CSIA), and a Standing Member of Chinese Association of Automation (CAA). In addition, Dr.Liu is also the member of Global Agenda Council of World Economic Forum. Dr. Liu founded Neusoft from the campus of Northeastern University in 1991. Under the leadership of Dr. Liu, Neusoft has become the leading IT solution & service provider in China. Due to his outstanding achievements, Dr. Liu has been awarded with numerous honors, including National Award for Excellence in Science & Technology, China Best Business Leader and Asia Innovator of the Year at the 6th CNBC Asia Business Leaders Awards, CCTV’s Top Ten “China 2009 Economic Person of the Year”, and Country Winner of Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of The Year 2010 China.

Dongsik Yoo, Ph.D., a CEO of Zionex, Inc. in Seoul and in Tokyo, manage the supply chain management software solution company, founded by 3 MIT Ph.D. at year 2000. Supply Chain management deals with the planning and management of all activities in procurement, sales, manufacturing, and logistics of a company. For the last 13 years, Zionex has developed the fast and optimized supply chain solution by combining knowledge of mathematical modeling methods, software technologies and efficient business processes.
Zionex was awarded as one of the most prominent enterprise solution company from the Korean Ministry of Commerce and Economics. The globally operating big companies, such as Samsung, LG and SK run with the help of Zionex solution every day base to figure out the speedy response way to the fluctuating customer needs and operating strategy to harness globally scattered manufacturing and sales sites in very cost effective way.


Allen Miner graduated from Brigham Young University with degrees in both Computer Science and Asian Studies. In 1986, he joined the international division of Oracle Corporation's US headquarters and dispatched to Japan, where he founded and headed Oracle Japan. Following commercial success in entering the Japanese market and a successful IPO on the Japan stock market.
Leaving Oracle in 1999, he founded KK SunBridge in Silicon Valley prior to moving operations to Tokyo in 2000. As SunBridge CEO, Allen aims to create a dynamic environment in which Japanese information technology startups develop at a globally competitive pace, thereby producing returns on investment that consistently rank among the top quartile of venture capital funds worldwide.
He cofounded the Japan Venture Capital Association; founded Japan Venture Research, tracking over 3,500 Japanese startups; and was recognized on the Forbes’ Midas List of Leading Venture Capitalists.

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