Neo Asia Challenge 3: Linus Lim Yang

Mr. Steven Neo, Full-time MBA Candidate of GLOBIS University in Tokyo, discusses the "Neo Asia Challenge" with a variety guests from various businesses and cultures in Japan and Asia.

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Neo Asia Challenge No. 3 – Linus Lim Yang

Guest: Linus Lim Yang, Creative Director, Culture Japan (Singapore)
Host: Steven Neo Say Bin, 2012 MBA Candidate, GLOBIS University
Date: June 22, 2013
Venue: GLOBIS University, Tokyo campus
Duration: 16:33

Reflection by interviewer:
Despite strong competition from South Korean entertainment companies, demand for Japanese cultural exports is still high in Asia. However, Japanese entertainment companies are experiencing difficulties in engaging its customers due to a lack of understanding of the needs of the market. My conversation with Linus Lim has taught me that Japanese companies need to adopt an open attitude towards consumer engagement by actively co-creating value with the consumer base through sharing product information and allowing consumers to freely exchange and create relevant content online to satisfy market needs. It is heartening to see that companies and individuals, such as Culture Japan and Linus Lim, have emerged to help to bridge this gap by improving the accessibility of Japanese cultural products for Asian fans. – By Steven Neo Say Bin

Guest Speaker

Linus has been working to share and promote Japanese culture since 2006, and joined MIRAI, a small media startup focused on disseminating Japanese pop culture, as its Creative Director in 2011.

Under the brand "Culture Japan" and the leadership of celebrity blogger and TV personality Danny Choo, he has worked to produce a TV show by the same name (Culture Japan) which was broadcast around the world. He also maintains an immensely popular web portal (, developed a line of character merchandise (, and coordinated booths at Japanese animation conventions around the world that consistently sell out.

Linus has also worked with J-Pop fans around the world to found a series of fan-sites, fan-pages, and forums, strongly believing that sharing what you love is the key to success.

Dialogue Partner

Mr. Steven Neo Say Bin is an avid technologist who is enthusiastic about the latest technologies and media. He began his career as a web developer for a tech start-up, and moved on to developing military tank management systems for ST Electronics, and designing and creating desktop and web applications for Lucasfilm San Francisco and Singapore. After graduating from GLOBIS' full-time MBA program in 2013, his goal is to become a visionary leader that uses technology and media to innovate and change societies. In his free time, he creates cross-platform mobile applications to solve daily issues that he encounters, and blogs about the latest technologies. Find him on LinkedIn: