From Japanese Tradition to Business Inspiration: Lessons from 400 Years of Classical Dance

Three Generations of Leaders from the Nishikawa Company

Three generations of leaders from the Nishikawa-ryu dance troupe shared their insights on how they simultaneously innovate their performances while maintaining their traditions. The session was facilitated by GLOBIS University Dean Tomoya Nakamura. For details about Nishikawa-ryu, see this promotional video.

In this video, we can see how years of Japanese tradition can be reworked for global audiences throughout the years while retaining the essence of an ancient craft. This can serve as inspiration for business leaders who face similar challenges as they strive for innovation while maintaining their company’s core strengths. The video concludes with the question, "What is the role of art?" and a short performance by Kazumasa Nishikawa.

Interpretation services provided by Maiko Kakuta.

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