How AI Is Making Education Personal

GLOBIS MBA student Anurag Kumar interviews GLOBIS Professor and GAiMERi director Kenichi Suzuki about the future role of AI.

Mr. Kumar has worked with software development since 2010, except for a year in the insurance sector when he advised his clients on financial planning. He managed an in-house team to meet the digital needs of his clients (sales/marketing executives). His programming languages include Java, PHP, & .Net. We built dynamic and static websites for online recognition, utilizing Google AdSense. I developed tracking software and streamlined the SME’s sales force by formulating a better tracking and feedback procedure, which increased the sales prospect numbers, and also increased the leads conversion ratio from 5% to 20%. He managed the IT team for timely project delivery, managed the team of Marketing Executives, linked both teams and created project management flow.
He assisted a fashion retail company to expand overseas by connecting the retail store to customers in India and then to the US. The traffic increased 800% and sales 23% after SEO/sales-process implementation. These experiences helped him realize the importance of data analysis and the future of big data. To further his education, he takes an online course on big data from the University of California, San Diego. He believes this is the future of corporations: everybody will need to proactively manipulate data for creating value for the company & customer itself.

Since February 2017, Kenichi Suzuki has been the director of GAiMERi, the GLOBIS AI Management Education Research Institute, which conducts research into the applications of artificial intelligence and related technologies toward management education. Mr. Suzuki is also an active member of GLOBIS University’s faculty, teaching analytical skill-related subjects such as critical thinking and quantitative analysis for business in the school's MBA programs. In addition, he conducts corporate training programs for prominent Japanese corporations.
Mr. Suzuki was previously the Secretary-General of the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University. Thanks in part to his efforts, GLOBIS University was founded as one of the first corporate-owned graduate business schools in Japan in April 2006, and officially became an educational corporation in April 2008.
Before joining GLOBIS, Mr. Suzuki worked at the Nomura Research Institute, and then joined A.T. Kearney as a manager, where he worked as a management consultant in the manufacturing and telecommunication industries.