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Career Success
JAN 27, 2016

Looking for Work-Life Balance? Forget About it!

division between work and life went to a horrible extreme. Work and life fought a battle, work won, and life was literally destroyed.This old binary framework of work vs. life

Career Success
AUG 24, 2017

JUST STOP IT! Good time management means deciding what NOT to do.

…to your work. These days, people often compliment me on my “well balanced” life with its harmonious mix of work and leisure activities. Although it’s nice to be complimented, these…

Career Success
JUN 7, 2006

Notes from the Boston Trip No. 3—What is Success in Life?

…or “The Flow of Technology in the Next Generation,” but, “The WorkLife Balance.” The ensuing debate focused on questions such as, what is success in life, what is most important…

Career Success
SEP 6, 2010

Report on My International Volunteer Activities in Africa – Part 3: The Meaning of Volunteer Work

…the same amount, hire a local worker and create a job in a country suffering from unemployment than to do the work myself?” “Aren’t we, in fact, depriving local workers…

Global Japan
MAR 12, 2019

Can Japan Dream to Be a Workplace of Choice?

Working with major blue-chip Japanese corporations, the ministry aimed to promote female workers and a generally more balanced work style for all. The notion of diversity management as the nation’s…

Career Success
FEB 15, 2019

Steven Neo Say Bin: Microsoft Manager by Day, DJ by Night

…and artistic passions. He recently shared his journey and some things he’s learned about worklife balance along the way. 1. What have you been doing since you left GLOBIS? I’ve…

Global Japan
DEC 6, 2012

Bringing Life Back to Tohoku with the KIBOW Entrepreneurial Community

work to broaden and deepen their networks. Most of the participants are from the local community, but others arrive from both inside and outside the disaster area. There are usually…

Global Japan
JUN 28, 2019

The Never-Ending Work Scenario: A New Spin on Japan’s Famous “Job for Life”

…kind of work styles would most effectively utilize senior talent? FT: Remote working—either working from home or from anywhere else—temporary work, and so many other alternative employment schemes. Although change…

Career Success
AUG 9, 2016

Action 43. Enhance Workplace Diversity to Promote Growth!

Working! In recent years, an increasing number of people have adopted crowdsourcing as a means of getting work done. Crowdsourcing here means contracting work out to multiple and unspecified people…

Career Success
SEP 10, 2010

Report on My International Volunteer Activities in Africa – Part4: Scenes from the Last Day of Our Work

…speed far beyond my expectations, because all of the participants had worked so selflessly. There was little work left for our team to be done on this last day. Three…