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Career Success
APR 22, 2014

Bridging the Gender Gap: A Place Where Women Shine

…to be occupied by women by 2020. To set an example, the prime minister has promoted women in government. There are two female ministers, Tomomi Inada and Masako Mori, in…

Global Japan
OCT 6, 2016

Lean In! Why Japan Needs More Women Leaders

…positions by 2020. He also founded the World Assembly for Women (WAW!), a forum where women leaders from around the world gather to discuss how to foster and promote women

Global Japan
DEC 10, 2013

GLOBIS Talks: Women and the Will to Lead

more interconnected, women are exploiting more opportunities to break through traditional boundaries and capture positions of leadership in business. Yet, some say that women are reluctant to do so in…

Global Japan
APR 7, 2016

How to make Womenomics work

How can gender balance at work actually be achieved? This seminar covers the real case at Baxter International Asia Pacific, which successfully raised the percentage of women in management from…

Career Success
MAR 7, 2017

Be Excellent, Not Just Good: Advice for Women Seeking C-suite Positions

Julie Straw, Vice President of Assessment Solutions at Wiley, gives advice for women seeking to achieve high-level management positions.  GLOBIS Corporate Training partners with HRD Group, Wiley’s partner in Japan,…

Career Success
JUN 20, 2013

Traits of Successful Female Leaders

…from almost all cultural groups perceived male leaders as outperforming women at problem-solving. On the other hand, women from almost all cultural groups perceived male leaders as outperforming women at…

Career Success
MAR 3, 2011

Trip to Saudi Arabia on a Government Mission (2): The Ten Biggest Surprises in Saudi Arabia

…1. In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive a car. Saudi Arabian women are said to have a foreign worker drive while they sit in the rear when…

Career Success
AUG 9, 2016

Action 43. Enhance Workplace Diversity to Promote Growth!

…Work and Increase the Proportion of Women in Leadership Roles to 30%! The number of women who are under 50 years old and want to work exceeds three million. These…

Career Success
FEB 1, 2018

Voices from a mountaintop: This is how Davos sees 2018 playing out.

…good job in leading by example: All seven of the forum’s co-chairs were women; many of the panelists were women; many of the issues discussed were women’s issues; and many…

Global Japan
NOV 20, 2015

The Best Decision Making Is…SLOW

…boosting women’s workforce participation, raising women’s earning capacity, and getting more women onto company boards at the very center of his growth strategy.He reiterated his ideas at the World Assembly…