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Global Japan
NOV 28, 2018

Inclusive Growth and Sustainability: How to Create a Lasting Impact

Waves of globalization since the end of the Cold War have resulted in fractures throughout the world. In response, we have come to emphasize concepts such as “sustainability” and “impact.”…

Global Japan
SEP 18, 2014

Talking (or Not Talking) about the Hard Issues of Fiscal Sustainability

…breakdown should be between tax hikes and spending cuts in achieving fiscal sustainability?” Most people say half-and-half, but there is a skew towards more spending cuts. So if he decides…

Tech & Innovation
NOV 13, 2017

Tech Ventures: Harnessing Creativity into Sustainability

From where will the next great tech venture come? Creative ideas are abundant, but the challenge is to harness them into a sustainable and scalable business. Is…

Career Success
SEP 9, 2016

Inclusive Growth and Sustainability

Capitalism as a vehicle for economic and social progress has also proved dysfunctional in some important ways, not least of which is widening inequalities between and within…

Career Success
NOV 2, 2018

Ikigai: A Book about Finding Your Purpose

…This brings us to the third pillar: Harmony and Sustainability. The important point here is the order of those words—Mogi puts emphasis on harmony before sustainability. You must maintain harmony…

Global Japan
JUL 27, 2012

Inside Japan: Passion for Culture and Art as a Force for Societal Impact

…who thinks about sustainability. So, you know, there is a lot of focus on creating goods, products and all of that, to get ahead of the game. But at the…

Global Japan
JUN 7, 2012

How can companies make both business and the world better?

Professor Mark Milstein of Cornell University discussed sustainability as a method of dealing with social and environmental issues by strategically creating new markets at GLOBIS’s Professional Seminar. He showed why…

Global Japan
OCT 9, 2014

9 Ways Japan Can Better Tell Its Story to the World

…is enhanced through sustainability and green high-tech, high-touch economic ventures. This isn’t going to be a nuclear-free zone, but the brainpower here can surely come up with some renewable energy…

Global Japan
JAN 5, 2012

Energy Policy and its Future 1/2

The Fukushima nuclear accidents have brought the energy issue into the national spotlight. How can Japan achieve energy sustainability and security while remaining heavily dependent on imports? What are the…

Career Success
AUG 1, 2016

Action 36. Pensions – Do Not Ignore Fundamental Problems!

…were 80.50 and 86.83, respectively. That is, there has been an increase of 12 to 14 years. The sustainability of their pension systems is an issue common to developed countries….