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Global Japan
APR 9, 2019

Can Netflix Clear the Chasm in the Japanese Market?

What’s holding Netflix Japan back from the success of its American counterpart? A marketing analysis uncovers some key clues.

Tech & Innovation
JUN 21, 2018

3 Pillars of Value Creation for the Digitization Age: Smart Cities in China

China presents an attractive yet challenging market for many business professionals.

Career Success
MAY 14, 2018

Four Unexpected Benefits of “Publicly Open Management”: The Case of Ishizaka Sangyo

GLOBIS faculty Kelvin Song shares his analysis of how Nikkei Woman of the Year Noriko Ishizaka instituted an unusual management philosophy to turn around her company—a waste processing facility—from a social outcast to an award-winning role model.

Career Success
APR 29, 2018

Can Game of Thrones Help You at Business?

GLOBIS Faculty and Alumnus Karl O’Callaghan shares his unusual business book recommendation for Golden Week. Maybe you’re reading them already! Game…

Career Success
FEB 23, 2018

Anticipating Guest Expectations at The Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa

Cris Vlad (below, CV) traveled to The Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa to interview Director of Room Mr. Takeshi Hara (TH) and Front Office Assistant…

Global Japan
SEP 19, 2017

How does Donald Trump’s Election affect Japanese Business?

Alex Kazan, Eurasia Group’s Managing Director for Emerging Markets Strategy and Comparative Analytics, shares how the election of US President…

Career Success
SEP 5, 2017

Japan’s 300 year old Companies are Values Driven

Japan has many enduring companies with over 300 years of history. What unites them is the set of values which they…

Career Success
AUG 15, 2017

Keys to Success: Live Within Your Means

From 1986–1991 Japan went through an economic bubble. Then in early 1992, the economy crashed. Many companies lost fortunes by speculating on…