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Tech & Innovation
AUG 19, 2016

Technology and Innovation: Robotics, Wearable Tech and the Internet

Technology has always had a unique role in improving efficiencies and driving economic growth. Robots, wearable technology, and the Internet of Things–these are but some of the…

What do Japanese Robots Dream About? 

…yet to come to fruition either commercially or industrially, pending a robotics revolution similar to that seen in the electronics industry in the 1970s. For the moment, we have Pepper,…

Career Success
JAN 18, 2016

The Old-School MBA Is Ready for Disruption. Here’s How I’d Do It.

…authentic and timely manner, both in good times and in bad.4. Robotics Robotics is expanding off the factory floor and into our everyday lives. iRobot’s ROOMBA robot vacuum cleaner and…

Tech & Innovation
JAN 29, 2019

A Dialogue with iRobot’s Colin Angle

iRobot co-founder and CEO Colin Angle sits down with GLOBIS president Yoshito Hori to discuss entrepreneurial ups and downs on a robotics engineer’s road to success. President’s Seminar at GLOBIS…

A Q&A with iRobot’s Colin Angle

…Colin Angle, we open the floor for questions about venture capital pitches, choosing the perfect co-founders, leveraging a love of robotics, and more! President’s Seminar at GLOBIS Tokyo Campus, 2018…

Global Japan
MAY 25, 2012

Inside Japan 1: Jesper Thomsen 1/2

robotics cooperation between Denmark and Japan and tips for success in Japan and for Japanese people to succeed outside of their home country, what it means to be “global” and…

Tech & Innovation
JUN 21, 2018

3 Pillars of Value Creation for the Digitization Age: Smart Cities in China

…logistics, robotics and AI. Looking back, I realized that this is essential in order to be effective in a competitive digital economy. – Platformization: The network effect involving product and…

Global Japan
OCT 9, 2014

9 Ways Japan Can Better Tell Its Story to the World

…leading-edge high tech, from the world’s fastest and safest trains to robotics, electronics and (my personal hope) free WiFi everywhere. Combine this with 21st century high touch – omotenashi (hospitality)…

Global Japan
APR 13, 2018

How to Get In to Japan’s IT market: Sweat the Details, and Be Patient

From robotics to toilets, Japan is world-renowned for its advanced technology. Entrepreneurs from around the world dream of joining the industry. Yet when it comes to IT, Japan has actually…

Tech & Innovation
NOV 28, 2016

Why AI means more time for matsuri

…ever did before. Big Data and Robotics are promising more of the same. Many are either losing jobs or accepting lower level jobs. Jobs for life are the exception now,…