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Career Success
NOV 2, 2018

Ikigai: A Book about Finding Your Purpose

Mentioning Japan tends to conjure images of quality products and services, sushi, sumo, anime, and otaku, among other things. Something most people don’t realize is that there is a common thread running through all of these: ikigai.

Career Success
JUL 19, 2018

Finding Your Life Purpose with Ikigai

Renowned Japanese brain scientist Ken Mogi explains the Japanese concept of ikigai—what it is, why it’s important, and how to…

Career Success
DEC 28, 2017

For a Happy 2018, Make Your Own Annual Curriculum

When a new academic year starts at school or college, students get presented with a curriculum of mandatory and elective…

Career Success
DEC 14, 2017

Steve Jobs, Zen and Design Thinking

Even as a young man, Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder, was fascinated by Eastern philosophies and religions, including Zen. When…

Global Japan
JAN 16, 2017

Japan’s Silicon Valley

Kamacon Valley combines Zen and hacking in Japan’s ancient capital.

Career Success
NOV 11, 2016

A Student’s Most Basic Right

“I could have warned you – but you shouldn’t be robbed of your right to make mistakes.”      …

Career Success
JUL 8, 2014

The Best Leaders Do … Nothing

A few years ago I took part in a conference on leadership at the Aspen Institute. One of the events…