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Career Success
JUL 30, 2018

The Path of Your Personal Mission (1)

MBA curriculum, the course that most focuses on personal development is Entrepreneurial Leadership. This is a required course in which students challenge themselves to develop a personal mission and life…

Career Success
APR 12, 2019

Is Japan’s New Era Name a Reflection of the Country’s Personal Mission?

…This element of personal commitment wins out in kokorozashi, then, over the consensus nature of gengo. Pursuing Aspirations Kokorozashi translates to English as “a personal mission.” The first criterion for…

Career Success
APR 25, 2018

How Personal Mission Fits Into Your MBA

…a passion for goodwill. A person’s kokorozashi can become resolution and ambition, and developed to form a vision and personal mission—a “true north” signifying the direction of one’s authentic purpose in…

Career Success
MAR 5, 2019

The Path of Your Personal Mission

A kokorozashi is not just a life goal, but an ongoing personal mission that opens the mind and helps bring possibilities into focus. Developing one can be challenging, but even…

Career Success
JAN 29, 2002

On the Publishing of “My Personal Mission Statement”

…this column. · Preface “My Personal Mission Statement,” from inception to publishing, took me over five years. The first time I thought I would write a book was in March…

Career Success
NOV 14, 2016

My Personal Mission: Help Working Mothers Get More Done

…generations accustomed to multiculturalism. In this post Mihoko explains her kokorozashi, or personal mission in life, and how it drives her work.  ———————————————————————————————————— When you try to think up a…

Career Success
AUG 1, 2018

The Path of Your Personal Mission (2)

…more than we can resist our destiny. In step four, we choose to take up this endeavor, this personal mission, this kokorozashi. The decision to do so comes not from…

Global Japan
JAN 22, 2018

From India to Japan: Entrepreneurship, Personal Mission and my MBA

…working without personal growth and satisfaction. Nothing else matters, not even how lucrative the salary is. (Later at GLOBIS I found out that they call this “Personal Mission.”) During my…

Career Success
JAN 9, 2014

Does Family Background Determine Our Career Choices?

…they can figure out what their personal mission is, I encourage them to look for something that meets the following 3 criteria.Your mission is: 1. Something you can do better…

Career Success
OCT 24, 2013

Samurai spirit in an MBA program?

…rediscover my personal core values. It reminded me that financial freedom is only the first step. Great ambitions require great inspirations and a personal mission. Personal mission is not just…