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Global Japan
JUL 1, 2013

The Shinkansen and World-Class Service Management

…cleaning crew, and how the company is able to transform its employees and the service industry with its new service management philosophy. Service Management Philosophy In the traditional cleaning industry,…

Career Success
MAY 14, 2018

Four Unexpected Benefits of “Publicly Open Management”: The Case of Ishizaka Sangyo

A Unique Management Philosophy Sparked the Turnaround As a management professional, I was curious to learn how the company turned itself around. One of the keywords I heard from the…

Career Success
JAN 23, 2012

Management Blessed with Ki

…“Hmmm, I give you credit for understanding Ki at your age. However, if you cannot associate management and Ki, there is no use to study management at HBS. Come back…

Career Success
JUL 9, 2008

The Stature of Harvard Business School—Scenes as Witnessed by an Alumni Association Director

…decided not to use the expression “practical science.” It is the aim of HBS to utilize a completely practical approach. 2. A philosophy that emphasizes education There is a philosophy

Career Success
APR 6, 2010

Japanese corporations should forget the monozukuri myth and work on refining management capacity

…company performs winning monozukuri but has losing management capacity. Management capacity is the measure of a company’s advantage over others. So then what is management capacity? An easy way to think of…

Global Japan
FEB 1, 2012

How Asian Corporations deal with Globalization 1/2

…past decades. So that’s my point. Thank you. KOTARO TAMURA: Media? KARTHIK RAMANNA: Did you have management in that list? KOTARO TAMURA: Oh, management.KARTHIK RAMANNA: You can always blame that….

Career Success
NOV 25, 2008

The “Lost Decade” Represented Ten Years of Learning and Strategic/Structural Reform

…that survived, their management teams and shareholders have entirely changed. Let’s take a quick look at these three errors in management. 1. “Money management” was conducted without any concept of…

IBM Watson and Ed-tech: Utilizing AI to Nurture Future Leaders

aim to realistically apply the technology, not just merely love it for its own sake. Towards a new concept of management education Kuse: You mentioned earlier the personalized management education…

Career Success
DEC 18, 2012

Who Becomes Top Management, Who Doesn’t?

…corporate training programs are now up for top management positions at listed companies as well. Some people achieve positions in top management. Many others do not. In my experiences as…

Career Success
JAN 30, 2012

Perspectives of the Universe and of Humanity

…progress. If one can feel the flow of the universe and correctly set the sail, the yacht will speed faster ahead. Furthermore, if management holds correct business philosophy, sets up…