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Tech & Innovation
APR 24, 2018

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Can Scientists and Engineers work together for the future of AI?

Experience tells us that the main challenge facing start-ups and large companies involved in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is that they traditionally develop products slowly. Since scientific…

Tech & Innovation
JUN 23, 2017

Tim Cook: Apple (!) is developing self-driving cars.

Machine learning is based on the accumulation of vast quantities of Big Data to generate patterns and algorithms that are developed using a learning-by-doing approach. Apple’s next step, which will…

Denying Big Data Hubris: 3 Reasons Machines Still Need Us

…to solve problems automatically. However, while it’s often categorized under artificial intelligence, data science is largely a human-centric process. In fact, today’s machine learning technology has three significant limitations. 1….

Tech & Innovation
JAN 10, 2017

Storytelling Trumps AI

…business professionals. In a world where machine learning systems and AI assistants can help everyone to create professional, polished content, how do we differentiate ourselves? How do we each stand…

Tech & Innovation
MAR 27, 2019

Conversations with an AI Expert

…an AI Research Division of GLOBIS. Introducing AI: More than Machine Learning? “AI basically refers to an algorithm,” Mr. Suzuki said. According to him, AI can be interpreted as a…

IoT Technologies: to the future and beyond our imagination

…is the engine of machine-based learning, capable of generating new knowledge and of making instant, and in most cases, more reliable decisions than those made by humans. Let’s focus a…

Tech & Innovation
NOV 29, 2016

Can AI Help Us Create Better Presentations?

…was that it didn’t come from a human. In his lab at the University of Tokyo, professor Toshihiko Yamasaki has developed a machinelearning system that runs sentiment analysis on a…

Career Success
OCT 3, 2017

What is Life’s Greatest Pleasure?

…the third category of enjoyment. For me, that’s meant things like learning to be a good leader, learning to connect with people, learning to be an effective public speaker, and…

Tech & Innovation
OCT 13, 2016

Strategy 4.0: Toward the Fourth Industrial Revolution

world’s economy since then. And I’m now experiencing the same feeling, of being at the door to a new world in which the way people-to-machine and machine-to-machine communication will change,…

Career Success
NOV 11, 2016

A Student’s Most Basic Right

…accurately the learning-from-mistakes curve.   We need to recognize the benefits of learning from our mistakes. It is not the presence of gravity that leads to enlightenment, but rather the…