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Global Japan
SEP 20, 2019

Cruising with Asuka Pride: How IBM Helped Create the Perfect Crew Culture

…from Yokohama. Roughly, 80% of our crew is made up of non-Japanese hospitality professionals who provide a unique type of hospitality service – a service which is deeply rooted in…

The Art of the 7-Minute Shinkansen Clean: 3 Secrets to Japanese Innovation

…and includes the word “bird”). Why? To turn what used to be considered a “three-K” job (kitsui: hard, kiken: dangerous, kitanai: dirty), into a fun and friendly hospitality job. The…

Global Japan
DEC 12, 2018

Beyond Omotenashi? How to Showcase Japan to the World

When Christel Takigawa gave her famous “Omotenashi” speech to help Tokyo win the 2020 Summer Olympics bid in 2013, it…

Global Japan
NOV 22, 2018

Can Inbound Tourism Boost Japan’s Economy?

Thanks to the growing Asian middle class and favorable policy changes such as the easing of visa requirements, Japan’s inbound tourism is…

Career Success
SEP 14, 2018

Disrupting the Hotel Experience with MOXY

The MOXY boutique hotel chain, run by Marriott, aims to be a game changer for the hospitality industry. Focused on a new generation of travelersーfun huntersーthe MOXY business model is fueled…

Tech & Innovation
DEC 19, 2017

Innovation in the Kitchen at a Michelin-star Hotel in the Mountains of Hokkaido

…for innovation in hospitality practices. To me, cooking is an art. The whole customer experience, from the very moment of booking until the return home, needs to be elevated to…

Global Japan
MAR 10, 2017

Communicating the Spirit of Okinawa

…in Japanese hospitality services, and I personally take it to heart. It’s all about anticipation. Delivering on a sales promise is commonsense. Going beyond what customers expect and creating repeated moments…

Global Japan
FEB 3, 2017

The Secret to Japanese Hospitality: Willingness to Act

the genuine hospitality of our associates. Hospitality is a mindset that we all need to be able to act on. CV: So how do you train your associates for this…

The Innovative Business Model of Oreno Restaurants

Steven Neo finds out about the innovative business model of Oreno restaurant that is making a major impact in the F&B industry.