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Global Japan
FEB 3, 2017

Willingness to Act: The Secret to Japanese Hospitality?

are anticipated and dealt with, and the genuine hospitality of our associates. Hospitality is a mindset that we all need to be able to act on. CV: So how do…

Global Japan
MAR 10, 2017

Communicating the Spirit of Okinawa

…all strive to accomplish. Exceeding expectations is not easy and, of course, in a perfect world that is what every single hospitality professional aims to achieve. However, realistically speaking, that…

Career Success
MAY 30, 2017

Transforming Customer Experience at Sheraton Okinawa Sun Marina

…there anything traditional or anything unique to the region that you offer? JRF: Hospitality knows no frontiers, Cristian, and Japanese hospitality, omotenashi, is known worldwide. People in Okinawa are known to…

Tech & Innovation
DEC 19, 2017

Innovation in the Kitchen… in a Michelin-star Hotel in the Mountains of Hokkaido

…you.)  CV: Masaki, you have had a stellar career in hospitality, living and working in some of the most coveted locations and with some of the most glittering providers of…

Career Success
SEP 14, 2018

Disrupting the Hotel Experience with MOXY

The MOXY boutique hotel chain, run by Marriott, aims to be a game changer for the hospitality industry. Focused on a new generation of travelersーfun huntersーthe MOXY business model is fueled…

Career Success
AUG 31, 2016

Action 62. Make Japan More Attractive For Tourists and Achieve 30 Million Foreign Visitors!

…2) active stance by top leaders to offer hospitality to foreigners; and 3) improvement of the environment to attract foreigners to urban areas, such as the use of English and…

Global Japan
OCT 9, 2014

9 Ways Japan Can Better Tell Its Story to the World

…leading-edge high tech, from the world’s fastest and safest trains to robotics, electronics and (my personal hope) free WiFi everywhere. Combine this with 21st century high touch – omotenashi (hospitality)…

Career Success
JUL 11, 2016

Action 18. Actively Practice Soft Power Diplomacy in Culture, Education and Tourism!

…of hospitality. In addition, there are many exploitable forms of tourism in Japan, such as eco-tourism, green tourism, other forms of nature tourism (including hot springs), cultural tourism, industrial tourism,…

Career Success
FEB 23, 2018

Anticipating Guest Expectations at The Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa

…to us, we are in the business of delivering ultimate delight and hospitality with a genuine touch of our customary Okinawan spirit. CV (turning to Ms. Harada) : Ms. Harada,…

Tech & Innovation
MAY 17, 2019

Smart Locks, Microchips, and Brain Waves: The Future of Keys

…and Korea. The latest market research indicates that most growth will come from individual homeowners and the commercial segment covering the hospitality industry, government and office buildings. This shouldn’t come…