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Global Japan
MAY 21, 2019

The Millennial Identity: How East Asian Students at Top Universities See Themselves

Do East Asians identify with the term “millennial” the same way young people do in the West? What do organizations need to know about this important portion of the workforce?

Tech & Innovation
MAY 17, 2019

Smart Locks, Microchips, and Brain Waves: The Future of Keys

Why are we still using physical keys when the smart lock market is growing? What does the future hold for safety and security?

Tech & Innovation
JAN 11, 2019

The Future of Work: Can We Gather Wisdom Faster Than We Gather Knowledge?

The first  and second  installment of The Future of Work examined how much meaning people give to their careers and how the technological transformation is expected to affect the workplace…

Tech & Innovation
DEC 17, 2018

The Future of Work: Labor, Innovation, and Productivity

ideas? What macroeconomic policies are needed to allow and encourage faster productivity growth? This G1 Global panel explored ways to understand the future of work. October 14, 2018 G1 Global Conference…

The Future of Work: What Is Your Career Identity?

In the first installation of this four-part series, G1 Global member Jerin Moon shares the results of her workshop discussions on the future of work and its implications for the…

Tech & Innovation
APR 18, 2017

Crowdstorming for Competitive Innovation: Creating the New at Adidas

Read about the innovation and collaboration initiatives at Adidas.

Global Japan
NOV 28, 2016

Globalization, Community, and Culture: The Fight for a Better Future

How is Japan’s traditional culture helping and hurting the country as technology advances?