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MBA Essentials
APR 26, 2019

Educated: What an Ex-Survivalist’s Memoir Can Teach Us about Critical Thinking

…One of the pillars of modern business education, critical thinking is all about problem-solving and communication. Brian Cathcart, who teaches Critical and Analytical Skills at GLOBIS University, says it includes…

MBA Essentials
APR 5, 2013

Critical Thinking Is Rethinking

…are not thinking, you are competing: You want to win and feel that you are right if you win. 4) Critical Thinking is Flexible Thinking One should never become so…

MBA Essentials
DEC 13, 2016

Are you really thinking?

…Even if we do apply critical thinking tools, we often stop once we’ve run through the process, without considering the alternatives or ramifications of our decisions. We may think we…

Tech & Innovation
SEP 26, 2018

The Value of Technovate Thinking

…Technovate thinking and why is it important to business leaders? Technovate stands for “technology + innovation,” so Technovate Thinking is about solving business problems through structured thinking on how to leverage technology….

Tech & Innovation
JAN 11, 2019

The Future of Work: Can We Gather Wisdom Faster Than We Gather Knowledge?

…and big data. Adaptability will allow us to survive these technological evolutions. Critical Thinking Critical thinking will almost certainly be one of the most sought-after skill sets. As discussed in…

MBA Essentials
JUN 15, 2017

How to Think Smart? Use the Pyramid!

worldwide sales! At my business school, we regard the ability to think logically, clearly and critically as a crucial business skill. That’s why we introduced a Critical Thinking class two…

Tech & Innovation
FEB 28, 2018

Design Thinking, A Long Journey to Japan

to meet demand. GLOBIS is offering a course on Design Thinking as well. What follows is the first installment in our series on this important topic.   Why Design Thinking? Design…

Career Success
JUN 8, 2018

IDEO U – Using Design Thinking to Launch an Intrapreneurial Venture

GLOBIS Partner Faculty Darren Menabney, who has been involved with IDEO U since 2015, shares how design thinking helped it get started. When you hear the term design thinking, you may…

Career Success
SEP 5, 2018

Design Thinking: Perils and Pitfalls of the Crit

You’ve no doubt heard about design thinking—a practical, step-by-step, user-centric method of solving problems. Though its roots reach back to the 1950s, design thinking was popularized by IDEO in the…

Career Success
MAR 5, 2019

The Path of Your Personal Mission

…incremental progress can help clarify your identity, expectations, and desires in life. Part of the process is applying a critical thinking approach to your life narrative. Here are four steps…