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Tech & Innovation
JUN 14, 2019

How TDK Is Innovating Talent Acquisition to Create Opportunities for a Global Workforce

TDK keeps its talent fresh, motivated, and innovative with programs to ensure the right people are in the right place at the right time.

The Art of the 7-Minute Shinkansen Clean: 3 Secrets to Japanese Innovation

Japan’s famous bullet trains are a model of innovation in speed, technology, and…cleaning?

MBA Essentials
MAY 28, 2019

4 Secrets to Building Brand Presence

Yoshito Hori, president of GLOBIS University and managing partner of GLOBIS Capital Partners, shares his perspective on branding.

Toyota Connected’s Keys to the Future

Are apps the answer to everything, or do human-based services still carry value?

Tech & Innovation
JAN 25, 2019

Innovation: A Matter of Mindset?

Is innovation rooted in technology, or can it be promoted by other means? In this interview led by GLOBIS faculty Cristian Vlad, Ryosuke Asakura of CaSy’s Corporate Design Division explains how his company is positioning itself for innovation that will impact society.

Tech & Innovation
JUN 14, 2018

Using HR to Transform Corporate Culture for IoT – The Revolution at Hitachi

…their businesses, markets, customers, and, ultimately, society. These organizations are rich in history, with extensive product and service offerings based on longstanding corporate strategies and deep corporate cultures that took…

IBM Japan: Innovation and The Courage to be Different

Cris Vlad met with Talent & Engagement Partner Hideki Ishida of IBM Japan to discuss how innovation occurs at his…

Career Success
FEB 23, 2018

Anticipating Guest Expectations at The Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa

Cris Vlad (below, CV) traveled to The Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa to interview Director of Room Mr. Takeshi Hara (TH) and Front Office Assistant…

Tech & Innovation
FEB 19, 2018

The Essence of Japanese Philosophy and Innovation at Toyota

…to listen to a new voice. To go back to our case with the hybrids, the time and place were right. Our perseverance paid off, and corporate sponsors caught on…

Global Japan
FEB 13, 2018

Will CEO Activism Take Hold in Japan?

OECD Tokyo Head and G1 Global Board Member Yumiko Murakami shares her insights on the changing nature of business in Japan from a global perspective.