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Career Success
APR 3, 2020

Remote Work Advice from the GLOBIS Digital Platform

…home? Here are their four key tips. Tip 1: Keep a Routine and Manage Your Time Chinatsu, Front-end Engineer Pre-coronavirus remote work: 1 or 2 days/week Advice: Do chores between…

Career Success
MAR 28, 2020

Special Message from the Dean of GLOBIS University about COVID-19

I am writing this message from Tokyo, Japan, where we are asked to stay at home over the weekend to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. I expect that many…

Tech & Innovation
MAR 27, 2020

Is Privacy Restricting AI Innovation and Human Unity against COVID-19?

…from a woman who had returned from China. So it can be done. But can it be done in countries obsessed with privacy? In the shadow of coronavirus, the issue…

Tech & Innovation
MAR 19, 2020

How COVID-19 Is Digitizing Education in the Blink of an Eye

…must be faced in solitude. We’re already tunneling to each other through innovative digital networks. And who knows? We all might just learn a thing or two before coronavirus passes….

Career Success
MAR 17, 2020

Books in the Time of Coronavirus: What to Read During Self-Quarantine

…WWIII, that we’re collectively diving headfirst into a dystopian sci-fi novel. Even before coronavirus started shutting down borders, the state of global affairs looked pretty grim. Hans Rosling wrote Factfulness…