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Global Japan
MAY 14, 2019

Welcoming Reiwa: A New Era with a New Kind of Emperor

What can Japan expect from its new emperor. Experts predict that his will be an era of change, with a global-minded intellectual at the helm.

Global Japan
JAN 18, 2019

Anime, Collaboration, and Innovation: What Japan and Singapore Can Learn from Each Other

Ranked fifth on the 2018 Global Innovation Index, Singapore promotes collaboration among the government, research institutes, and universities through organizations such as A*STAR. Dr. You Huan Yeo, head of the International Division, shared his thoughts on how Singapore and Japan can learn from each other to spur innovation.

Global Japan
DEC 21, 2018

From Japanese Tradition to Business Inspiration: Lessons from 400 Years of Classical Dance

Three generations of leaders from the Nishikawa-ryu dance troupe shared their insights on how they simultaneously innovate their performances while…

Global Japan
DEC 12, 2018

Beyond Omotenashi? How to Showcase Japan to the World

When Christel Takigawa gave her famous “Omotenashi” speech to help Tokyo win the 2020 Summer Olympics bid in 2013, it…

The Future of Work: What Is Your Career Identity?

In the first installation of this four-part series, G1 Global member Jerin Moon shares the results of her workshop discussions…

Global Japan
MAY 8, 2018

Jesús Rodríguez: Entrepreneur sharing Japanese Entertainment with Latin America

Inspired by his MBA, GLOBIS Alum Jesús Rodríguez now runs his own film distribution company in Mexico. We caught up…

Tech & Innovation
APR 19, 2018

AI-First Companies: Implementation and Impact

AI Architect Dr. David Malkin of Cogent Labs shares how AI is changing how companies operate and how it will…

Global Japan
MAR 27, 2018

Beyond the 2020 Olympics: Business Opportunities and the Future of Tokyo

A.T. Kearney Japan Chairman and Partner Tak Umezawa shares his participation in the NEXTOKYO Project and a vision for Tokyo…

MBA Essentials
OCT 6, 2016

Is Marketing a Matter of Cult or Culture?

Why do the same customers behave differently depending on the market?