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Denying Big Data Hubris: 3 Reasons Machines Still Need Us

reason seems to be “big data hubris”—the assumption that big data can substitute for (rather than supplement) traditional data collection and analysis. Simply put, people are becoming overconfident about big

Tech & Innovation
AUG 31, 2017

Exponential Thinking: Controversies and Predictions via Singularity University

Part 2 of Jorge Calvo’s Singularity University Global Summit: 21 Takeaways for the 21st Century

What do Japanese Robots Dream About? 

Maybe you remember the movie Blade Runner, based on American writer Philip K. Dick’s science fiction novel Do Androids Dream of…

Does Industry 4.0 matter?

…companies, which invest heavily in big data and AI, they would face big problems in creating strong business ecosystems. Perhaps Japanese companies are suffering from a “fear of the link…

Tech & Innovation
DEC 20, 2016

Enabling IoT: Disruptive Innovation or “Hi-tech Inebriation”?

In our previous article, we reviewed the main technologies behind the Fourth Industrial Revolution—IoT, AI, Big Data and Smart Sensors—and argued that the various combinations of these four, set out…

IoT Technologies: to the future and beyond our imagination

…that oil needs refining into petrol, data also need to be refined. And the result of refined Big Data is information. This massive use of personal data could lead to…

Tech & Innovation
OCT 13, 2016

Strategy 4.0: Toward the Fourth Industrial Revolution

…that in 2020 50 billion IoT smart devices will be connected during the Olympic Games in Tokyo. These days, barely 1% of the data available (big data) is used, most…