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Denying Big Data Hubris: 3 Reasons Machines Still Need Us

How can humans possibly compete with big data? Turns out…rather easily.

Career Success
FEB 26, 2019

Q and A: The Art of Improvisation in Management

World-class trombonist and Columbia University Professor Chris Washburne came to GLOBIS University to share insights into how jazz can improve…

Career Success
FEB 22, 2019

A Shrine, a Flea Market, and Kokorozashi Reflection

Gil Chavez breaks down the purpose of a popular annual field trip he takes with GLOBIS MBA students and how it applies to self reflection.

Career Success
FEB 19, 2019

Dialogue: The Art of Improvisation in Management

World-class trombonist and Columbia University Professor Chris Washburne joins GLOBIS University Dean Tomoya Nakamura to discuss how jazz can help…

Career Success
FEB 15, 2019

Steven Neo Say Bin: Microsoft Manager by Day, DJ by Night

After graduating in 2013 with the inaugural full-time English MBA class at GLOBIS, Steven Neo Say Bin set out to make an impact on the world through his technology skills and artistic passions. He recently shared his journey and some things he’s learned about work-life balance along the way.

Career Success
FEB 12, 2019

Jazz: The Model for 21st-Century Leadership and Innovation

World-class trombonist and Columbia University Professor Chris Washburne visited GLOBIS University to share insights about how studying jazz can improve business…

Global Japan
FEB 8, 2019

Helsinki: Redefining Urban Growth through Design Thinking

For nearly two decades, Helsinki, Finland, has been gaining traction as a center of innovative urban growth. GLOBIS faculty Cristian Vlad interviews Anne Stenros, chief design officer of the City of Helsinki.

A Q&A with iRobot’s Colin Angle

In the final part of our seminar with iRobot co-founder and CEO Colin Angle, we open the floor for questions…

Career Success
JAN 31, 2019

Value through Co-creation at IBM

Senior Consultant Kyoko Kokusho at IBM advises clients around the world on talent operations, organization architecture, and executive development. GLOBIS faculty Cristian Vlad recently interviewed her on how she creates value for clients, employees, shareholders, and society.

Tech & Innovation
JAN 29, 2019

A Dialogue with iRobot’s Colin Angle

iRobot co-founder and CEO Colin Angle sits down with GLOBIS president Yoshito Hori to discuss entrepreneurial ups and downs on…

Tech & Innovation
JAN 25, 2019

Innovation: A Matter of Mindset?

Is innovation rooted in technology, or can it be promoted by other means? In this interview led by GLOBIS faculty Cristian Vlad, Ryosuke Asakura of CaSy’s Corporate Design Division explains how his company is positioning itself for innovation that will impact society.

Tech & Innovation
JAN 22, 2019

iRobot: Home Robots Empowering People to Do More

Successful entrepreneurs are forged through passion, tough trials, and a strong sense of mission. iRobot co-founder and CEO Colin Angle…

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