Leveraging Japan's Female Talent

In his speech at the 2014 Davos meeting, Prime Minister Abe made clear his intention to make Japan “a place where women shine” by ensuring that 30% of senior leadership positions would be occupied by women by 2020. The issue of gender parity is undoubtedly gaining increasing visibility in Japan, and yet the 2014 Global Gender Gap Report issued by the World Economic Forum ranks Japan 104 out of 142 countries surveyed, making it one of the lowest scoring high-income countries. While Japan’s demographic pressure requires urgent and drastic reform measures to redress such gender imbalance, what can be done to unlock the untapped talent of Japanese women? How can organizations embrace diversity to further drive innovation and maximize their growth potentials? The expert panel will discuss concrete steps that individual companies can take in order to close the gender gap and harness the competitive edge of corporate Japan.

Monika Merz
Toys“R”Us, Asia Pacific

Yosuke Yagi
Executive Officer and Executive Vice President
Human Resources and General Affairs
LIXIL Group Corporation

Haruno Yoshida
President & Representative Director, BT Japan Corporation
Vice Chair of the Board of Councillors, Keidanren

Kathy Matsui (Moderator)
Vice Chair, Chief Japan equity strategist,
Co-head of Macro Research in Asia
Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd.

Come join us!

The 6th annual G1 Global will gather leaders from government, business and academia for networking and discussion on Japan, Asia, and the rest of the world. This year's theme is "Leadership: Thinking the Unthinkable," based on the research by G1 Global main facilitator & former BBC Presenter Nik Gowing.

- G1 Global Conference 2016 -
19:00-22:00, Friday, October 21 at GLOBIS University, Tokyo, Japan
Fee: 40,000 JPY (Deadline Sept 15th)
Language: English.
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Expected speakers include:
-David Asher, Adjunct Senior Fellow, Center for a New American Security
-Abigail Friedman, CEO, The Wisteria Group
-Glen S. Fukushima, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress
-Nik Gowing, Visiting Professor, King’s College London & Nanyang University, Singapore; former BBC Broadcaster and Journalist
-Ken Jimbo, Associate Professor, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University
-Yoshito Hori, President, GLOBIS University, Managing Partner, GLOBIS Capital Partners
-Hiroaki Kitano, CEO, Sony Computer Science Laboratories
-Jesper Koll, CEO, Wisdom Tree Japan
-Taro Kono, Member, Japanese House of Representatives
-Hiromichi Mizuno, Executive Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF)
-Meri Rosich, CMO, Marketing Business Intelligence, Oak Lawn Marketing, Inc
-Timothy Langley, President & Representative Director, Langley Esquire
-Shinichi Takamiya, Partner, Chief Strategy Officer, GLOBIS Capital Partners
-Mio Takaoka, Executive Director, Monex Group
-Tomohiko Taniguchi, Special Advisor to Shinzo Abe’s Cabinet
-Tak Umezawa, Japan Chairman and Partner, A.T. Kearney

About this year's theme:
In June, the Brexit triggered an avalanche of events for which most leaders were unprepared: the resignation of UK PM Cameron, a possible second referendum on Scottish independence, and havoc in the global markets, not to mention the implications for immigration, business, and the world order.

Brexit and the popularity of Donald Trump have confirmed the unthinkable that many political and corporate leaders would not even accept: the scale of public disillusionment at leaders' assumptions that they know what is best for their people and customers. Brexit showed how out of touch the UK government was, and the strategic error of believing they held the high ground of political wisdom.

The Brexit was once "Unthinkable." To respond effectively to events like this, a new type of leadership is required. G1 Global participants will discuss “Thinking the Unthinkable” and taking action, with focus on the realms of business, technology, and diplomacy, and with special attention on the role of Japan.

See here for details about Mr. Gowing's report.